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How to learn Python? [Beginners Tips to Learning Python]

Python is a simple, construed, and advanced dynamic programming language that focuses on code readability. Python Programming has topped the charts in recent years over other programming languages such as Java and C++ and is widely popular amongst the programmers. The syntax of Python helps coders perform coding in fewer steps. This is the reason why it has already been used in some of the biggest tech companies, along with some less likely but equally impressive users.


This makes Python programming a language to learn. If you are a beginner and have chosen Python as your field of programming, this article will offer you several learning strategies to help jump-start your career as a Python programmer.

7 Must-Have Plugins for your WordPress Website in 2019

Adding extra functionality to your WordPress with the correct plugin is the initial reason why you chose WordPress, right? WordPress is the favorite CMS of all times allows you to enhance the functionality of your website without many efforts, unlike any other development platform.

7 Must-Have Plugins for your WordPress Website in 2020

But you don’t have to stuff your website with just any of the available plugins; you first need to analyze your requirements and go through the plugin reviews! Although your website’s niche decides the type of plugin that you would need you should be sure enough to pick the one that doesn’t affect the website’s performance.

5 WordPress Development Mistakes That Can Rip Your Website Apart In Seconds

Several aspiring WordPress website developers struggle hard to build a perfectly optimized website. I guess that’s absolutely normal. When I started my career, it wasn’t easy for me either. From using incorrect coding conventions to placing WordPress theme code into one main file, my mistakes have made me look like a fool in front of the clients. Instead of giving up, I worked hard to rectify my mistakes.

I have listed down my 5 worst website development mistakes that helped me learn something new. If you are serious about your career as a website developer, you MUST take this chance to learn from my mistakes before you commit them by yourself.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Site More Mobile-Friendly

In modern world, majority of people use smart phones to access website and apps. If a website is not accessible by the mobile users, it may as well lose lots of web traffic and potential customers. Therefore, one should use the following tips and trick to accomplish the task:

The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Site More Mobile-Friendly

Mobile blogging is a panacea for all ills:

One of the most important ways to make the blog mobile friendly is to install the widget that can instantly create the link compatible for the smart phone and tablets. While the desk top users would continue to read the content on the old site, mobile users would benefit from Plug-in.  Word press apps created by third party go a long way in making the blogs popular among the users irrespective of the location. Simple layout of the web page attracts huge amount of web traffic within the shortest possible time frame.

What are the Java Trends for the year 2017?

Java, an open source language, is widely used in developing desktop software, web components and mobile applications. It is used to develop tools that are required for personal, enterprise and business usage. Its ability to write once and run anywhere made it quite popular in the developer’s community. It has got the best in industry editors like eclipse and net beans.

What Are The Java Trends For The Year 2020

The Five Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins in 2016

Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins in 2020

Rich Snippets is an impressive and often buzzed concept. Rich snippets are the additional elements which highlight your listing in the numerous search results. All these – the prices, the star ratings, and the further details are rich snippets, which usually show up these days on the Google Search Results.

Research reveals Rich Snippets improve 30% of the Website’s click-through rate as compared to general links. The alluring rich snippets captivate readers rendering them useful information about what they are looking for your Business or on the Website.

How to Create Augmented Reality Apps for Android

AR is the integration of digital information with live video & user’s environment in real time. Devices are commonly used in AR are camera, computer, processor and a screen.

How does it work?

Applications generally use one of the two approaches: location based and marker based. Markers work by having software recognize a particular such as bar code or symbol, when the camera points at it, and overlaying a digital image at the point on the screen.

How to Survive and Thrive With Your Web Business

Web BusinessContrary to what some say, there’s still PLENTY of room for new web businesses on the Internet. And it is an opportunity that should not be overlooked for it remains a great way to earn your living. But only if you do it right.

For those of you who are considering starting, or have already started a web business, it is important to know that there are certain factors that will govern your success or failure with your web business. There are a number of key components that you MUST integrate into your business if you are to achieve long-term success and financial security.

And so, if you expect to survive and thrive with your web business, it would be well for you to incorporate the following components into your business plan:

  • A professional and unique website with your own domain name.

 The cornerstone of your success online will be your website. It must look different than the others in your niche. And it should have a unique domain name. The best way to formulate your website design plan is to simply surf the web. You can learn volumes in the process for it can help you identify the type of websites that you would be willing to buy from. These can serve as examples for you to follow in your own business.

  • A product line you can control.

Ideally, you should sell at least one product or service that you own. If you prefer to resell or market affiliate programs, be sure to align yourself with only the strongest companies and affiliate programs you can rely on to provide long-term benefits.

  • A way to accept secure payments via credit card at your website.

The ideal solution is to secure a merchant account of your own. But if budget issues make that impossible for you at the outset, solutions such as PayPal or Clickbank are worthwhile alternatives. (International businesses can use as a solution.) But make no mistake, offering a FAST and SECURE way for your customers to make purchases from your website with credit cards is a must on the web.

  • An email capability and list building strategy is a must.

You MUST continually grow a list of prospects. Only in this way can you ‘capture’ some of the folks who visit your site and do not buy the first time. (This is nearly all of them!)  And the best email strategy is to give something of value away in exchange for a visitor’s first name and email address. This gives you the way to stay in touch with these people on a regular basis, while providing them with valuable content. By helping others, you will also benefit, for many of these people will purchase a product or service of yours in the process.

  • Using sales copy that has proven to get results.

Poor sales copy is the single most important factor that KILLS website sales. It’s an accepted fact that if you follow proven, successful ‘online sales formulas’ you’ll be able to sell just about anything on the Internet! So find a powerful sales letter and model yours after it. Ask the author questions. Pick it apart and see why it works so well. Spend as much time on your sales copy as you do on your products and services.

  • Develop an affiliate program for your website.

Many might say this is not an absolute necessity. But a little research would show that nearly ALL successful web businesses offer some form of affiliate program. Again, results have proven this to be a fast, cost effective method to grow an online business. Then you can approach the top affiliate marketers who can promote your products & services If they find your product & commission better, your affiliate program will grow like anything.

  • Use ‘Recommended Resources’ to build profits.

On the subject of affiliate programs, it is also worth noting that you need to join a few affiliate programs yourself! It’s best to find affiliate programs that are related to what you offer. If possible, use the product or service personally before recommending it to others. You’ll find that you can increase your web profits almost overnight by doing this. And keep in mind that the best affiliate programs are ones that offer residual or recurring commissions on each sale.

  • You must be able to add new products or services on a regular basis.

Creating a new product of your own, once or twice a year, will give you a better chance of continually increasing your profits. It’s also necessary to update your existing products regularly in order to keep content and sales fresh. If you find it difficult to create your own products that often, perhaps you can find a product you could promote and do a joint venture with the owner. Even though the owner does not provide an affiliate program, you can still offer to promote their product or service for a percentage of sales. Be sure to let them know you have a targeted list of prospects that would LOVE their product, especially if they could get it at a reduced price through you!

  • Develop a support system that keeps your prospects and clients happy.

There are many ways to offer support. But to automate the system, perhaps you should consider a “support desk”. At the very least, you will need to be able to respond to client questions or appeals for help in a timely fashion. Failure to address these requests regularly can only result in the loss of trust, on the part of the customer or prospect, in your ability to adequately meet their needs.

  • Design a marketing strategy that can successfully drive traffic to your website.

There’s no other way to say this: Making money online requires that you get visitors to your website. There are many ways to do that. In fact, it is impossible to properly address this question in this limited format. I’d suggest that you visit to learn how to generate the traffic that will insure the success of your web business. Find the method or methods that will work for you. Then spend a day each week promoting your website.

In conclusion, you might want to print this article out and keep it handy so you can refer back to it as you work to build your business. If this list looks overwhelming now, don’t let it scare you. Developing a business is a simple step-by-step process that anyone can do. Remember! Rome wasn’t built in a day. And doing a little each day or week, can add up to some real impressive results over time. It’s a journey well worth taking. Why not start now?

Design Tips for Creating PowerPoint Templates Successfully

A PowerPoint template is easily the best way of creating a brilliantly consistent design scheme, just right for your presentation. A well-thought out and wonderfully designed PowerPoint template could help in making PowerPoint production swift and effective. A well-designed template speaks volumes about the expertise and professionalism of the presenter. It certainly boosts the professional image of the presenter.

Design Tips for Creating PowerPoint Templates Successfully

You could browse the Internet to have easy accessibility to several free PowerPoint templates. You could come across an impressive selection of standard Microsoft designs featuring in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010. However, if you are not particularly interested in any one of them, or if you need to use certain exclusive company colors, you would need to design and customize your own PowerPoint template for your convenience.

How to Pick the Most Suitable JS Framework for Your Business Site?

Looking at the graph mentioned below no one can gainsay: JavaScript is ruling the technical town.

Now that we know this, but the questions which stands in front of us is that how to find the best JS framework which can match our industry requirements?

Apart from performance, dependencies, views , testing , routers, a lot is dependent on the community of developers. With so many options available, it becomes difficult for one to decide how to choose the best fit framework for your development. If we thoroughly see the market, we have 3 major contenders in the competition.

 There has been a tremendous growth in UX frameworks and libraries and they are mostly open source. Though, we have lots of discourses comparing the frameworks on the basis of their approach and functionalists, but what never came across my way were the articles gauzing their size, strength and  community of developers surrounding these open source projects and industry wise analysis, which play a key role in the development.