Physical Education

In Health education we do not only study of personal health but also learn about Hygienic health as well as mental and emotional. In physical education we will discuss on all matters which affect on health. If you have healthy body, your brain will be also healthy. If you have clean body then you are healthy. There is one and only precious thing that is our health.

Physical Education

Physical Education

Sports play very important role in our physical life nobody can ignore this but this is also very important things to take care our body parts. A useless thing can be changed but body can’t if it is not working well. We have eyes, ears, nose, mouth; hands, lets etc and they all are precious. If we will not take care of them, they can be Impaired, so we need to take care of them.

Take Care of Your EyesHow to Take Care of Your Eyes Naturally : Eyes are very important part of the human body. Eyes work as a body’s window. Those help to see the world and earn knowledge. We feel color, light, darkness through eyes, So –

1. Don’t read in darkness or low light.

2. don’t read book or comic in bus, train or any other vehicle.

3. Don’t rub your eyes while clean with water.

4. Regular exercise for your eyes.

Take Care You HairTake Care You Hair : Hair falling is a common problem nowadays every one try different oil and shampoo for stop hear falling and many oil and shampoo company making fool to you , So –

1. Daily shampoo to your hear for clean your head.
2. Clean your hair from towel after take a bath.
3. always oil to your hair it make strong them

How to Care our TeethHow to Care our Teeth: when we have some kind of ache in our teeth we quickly call to doctor and tell him about our mouth problem so –

1. Don’t forget to clean your teeth twice our after eat.
2. Don’t use too hot or too could water or food.
3. Always clean your teeth before sleeping