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Cheque Bounce : Learn Everything About Cheque Bounce Case in India

What is a Cheque?

A Cheque is a bill of exchange drawn upon a specified banker payable only on demand. The person who has issued the cheque is known as ‘drawer’ and the person in whose favour the cheque has been issued is known as ‘drawee’.
Following are the requisites of a cheque:

State Judicial Services Exam – Become A Member of The Subordinate Judiciary

State Judicial Services Exam or as we call it, PCS (J)-Provincial Civil Service-Judicial Exam are termed to be the Entry-Level tests for Law Graduates to become a member of the Subordinate Judiciary.

These exams are conducted by a State Judicial Department to hire for subordinate judicial services.


India has often been criticized for its mismanagement of traffic in the country. It has been seen that the major metropolitan cities of the country face the “traffic-trouble” consistently. Though, the Government of the country, both at State and Centre level try to make hard and hitting laws to curb traffic related issues.

Income Tax Law in India in 2022

In this article, we want to share with you about Income Tax Law in India in 2022.

The interim budget got announced in January by Finance Minister Piyush Goyal had seem to have bought series of changes in Tax Rules. The changes can be seen from a full rebate on personal income up to ₹ 5 lakh in a year to a 25% hike in standard deduction threshold.


He was quoted saying, “This is not just an interim budget, this is a vehicle for the developmental transformation of the nation.”

How To Enrol As An Advocate After Completing Law School?

Every law graduate who wishes to practice as an advocate must register with their respective State Bar Council after which s/he shall undertake the Bar Examination (AIBE) to get ‘Certificate to Practice’.

These are steps to enroll as an advocate with Bar Council of Delhi. It is a tedious task and it takes roughly 12 months to 18 months.