When people express their feeling in front of other people through some mediums, it called language and the mediums are writing, speaking and reading. A Language is a body of words or a system used by common people who are of the same community, same nation, same area and same cultural.

There are lots of languages that are speaking on different countries and places. There are also many languages speak in India. Some popular languages are – Hindi, Sanskrit, Kannad, Rajasthani etc. Every langue has different way of expression.

Language is the human ability for acquire and use multipart systems of communication, and a language is any illustration of such a system of intricate communication. The systematic learn of communication is called language.

History of Language:

All live communicate with one another, from bees and ants to whales, apes and mouth, but only humans have developed a language which is more than a set of arranged signals. Steven Roger Fischer begins wrote in his book about examination of the modes of communication used by birds, dolphins and primates as the first contexts in which the concept of language might be applied. It would definitely help you to learn history of language.

Our talking even differs in a physical way from the communication of other animals. It comes from a cortical speech center which does not respond instinctively, but organizes sound and meaning on a rational basis. This section of the brain is unique to humans.

Importance of Language in Culture

The importance of language is needed to every side and interface in our everyday lives. We use language to inform the people about us of what we desire, what we feel about the world.

We use language everyday in many ways and to meet limitless different ends. We use spoken and non-spoken forms of language and our language is full of understated nuance that change the meaning of words.

We communicate effectively with our words, gestures and tone of voice in a multitude of situations. Would you talk to in family with the same words as you would in a business meeting? Be able to communicate with each other to form bonds, teamwork, and this is what separates humans from other animal species. Communication animates our lives and bettors.

Language is an extremely important to interact with people around us. We use language to let others know what we feel, what we need, and ask questions. We may change our language to each situation. For example, we talk to our small children with different words and the tone that we conduct a business meeting.

Language is important because it is what we use to communicate. It is important to be proficient in at least our own language, especially when it comes to education and work.

To communicate effectively, we send a message with words, gestures or actions which receives someone else. Communication is thus a two-way street, with the message recipient to play a role as important as the sender. Therefore, both speaking and listening are important for communication to take place.