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Cooking Online

India is a country where cooking always a meter of concern. We used to read in the books in our childhood that, the weather and the language change after some distance in India but now we can say that the cooking style also change. There are many states in India and in these states thousand of cities, towns, villages are available and we can see, the cooking style is different everywhere.

In all four direction the cooking style is different some people like spice food, some like light food. Some people are master to prepare food but some always struggle to prepare food. Generally the news age people they don’t have good understanding about cooking. Cooking is like art because; every item has many verities so if you enter deeply once then you want to you want to learn maximum verities.

There are many online tutorials websites which offer a facility to online learning, from where you can learn cooking easily but In India, cooking is considered an art and mothers usually begin to teach their daughters and pass down family recipes by show and tell, fairly young in life.

As a matter of fact, food is very serious business. In most Indian homes, even in this day and age when most women work outside the home, if one is not cooking or eating a meal, one is planning what to cook next! Meals almost always include several dishes, dessert and a staple or two like rice and Chapattis. Some people are earning a lot of money from food because now food has become a serious business.

There are many hotels and restaurant in every city which are only famous for their quality of food. In India you have many types of food with many different quality and varieties. Like- South Indian food The southern part of India is famous for its various spices and also spicy foods. It’s long past has witnessed the export of spices to many countries.

Even the outsiders, generally the foreign invaders like the Dutch, the French and the English, who kept coming here over generations, are reported to be fond of these spices. North Indian food North India includes the state of Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kashmir and Delhi.

Here people like to have vegetarian so the maximum food quality found in vegetarian food. Sweets India is famous for sweets we always like to welcome our guest with the sweet. Indian desserts are very tempting and mouth watering. Be it a scorching summer or a bone clattering winter Indian sweets is always too difficult to resist.

So we have thousand of verities in sweets because every city has a sweet which is very famous not in that particular city but also out of that city. If we start to talk about the cooking in India there is never end so be perfect to cooking because cooking is a good way to impress people.

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