Jewelry is way to represent owns self as wealthy and also use for currency, functional uses, symbolism, protections and display your art. The word jewelry made from the jewel word that made from the Old French word jouel. People are purchasing and using jewelry from a long time and there is no any other big reason to wear jewelry without personal ornamentation like look appeal.

Unique Jewelry

Unique Jewelry

There are two kind of jewelry as:

A. Gemstone: Lots of precious stones are using in jewelry, here we are sharing some name of precious gemstones:

1. Diamonds
2. Roby
3. Amber
4. Quartz
5. Jasper

B. Metals : Most of jewelry make in metals and gemstone give them a perfect look that help to catch people eyes. Here we are sharing some precious metal names :

1. Platinum
2. Gold
3. Silver