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Why do you need to test your mobile application?

At times one feels hard pressed for choice while choosing a mobile app for download, which is quite understandable with thousands of apps available at Google Play and App Store. But the most important question that arises over here is that who monitors the quality and worthiness of these apps? ; Especially when they are freely and abundantly available for download.

mobile application Development

 A mobile phone app developer creates these apps for users and not for his personal use. His survival and livelihood depends on the success of the app he has created. Therefore, it becomes an obligation of the developer to deliver a perfect app which he is expected of. Testing before its launch is the only solution to ensure a perfectly working application.

A well tested application always tends to do better and cut through the competition, which is required in a tough and competitive market. What also has to be kept in mind is that an app developer’s reputation is at stake until the app begins to perform well in the market. After all reputations are not built overnight, it takes years of effort and hard work. But yes, they can be broken with a small mistake.

User reviews greatly influence the success or failure of an application. A user downloads and tries the app on his smart phone and then gives his reviews on the app. These reviews are read by other users, and if the reviews are positive, more and more users queue up to download the app. In case the app is full on technical glitches and bugs, users will post negative comments and discourage other users to download the app.

Testing becomes even more significant, considering the fact that it’s not only the reputation, but a considerable amount of time; hard work and money that is involved in creating an app. An app must succeed in order to allow a developer to recover his costs and also to take home some profit, otherwise it will be a total waste of his talent and time.

Taking into the user perspective is also important, as they feel cheated after downloading an app full of bugs. Bugs and errors frustrate users, as no user likes to spend his bandwidth and internet bill on a worthless application which refuses to download first, and if by chance gets downloaded, refuses to run properly. This has a negative impact on other apps as well, which have been created by the same developer, or company.

This topic of discussion about the needs to test an app before its release cannot be concluded without understanding as to why it happens. Lots of factors influence the haste in launching an application without proper testing. Since the whole industry is driven by money, pressures from stake holders and the marketing department are the main catalysts for triggering such haste. But a smart application developer should not bow down under such pressures and test his application rigorously before releasing to do complete justice to the users and most of all to himself.

Author Bio:

Katie Stanfield is a famous app developer working with Xperts Infosoft, New Delhi, India. She is the project leader of the App development India project. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter to share her views and reviews about mobile phone applications.

Top 10 Funnest Innovation (Desi Jugaad)

An innovator is a problem solver. There are many problems in our daily life and we try to find solutions for them. Problem is the distance between our current situation and our desire situation. Here we will show you how innovative people solve out their problem. Have a look at the pictures that we have picked from social media to share with our users:

banarsi jugad innovation

4 EDM Festivals That Should Make It to Your List of Festivals You Must See

As EDM continues to gain popularity due to the big events that take place each year, many more EDM festivals are constantly breaking out and fast becoming forces to be reckoned with.

While there are certain EDM festivals such as Electric Daisy, Tomorrowland and Ultra-Miami which practically every EDM fan knows about, there are a few other EDM festivals that are rarely spoken about but are extremely epic.

List of Festivals

As you make a bucket list of things to do around the world, you should add attending some of these EDM festivals to your list. Before you start planning, check out the for EDM festival destinations and plan for these EDM festivals:

1.    NATURE ONE, Germany, August

Nature one launched in 1995 and has grown to command an attendance of 50,000 people yearly. The setting of this concert is in a very natural environment that allows well over 40,000 fans to camp overnight.
At least 300 Djs perform at Nature One, which takes place every early August.

2.    HOLY SHIP, Miami cruise ship, January and February

This is a festival on a cruise ship. Getting on the holy ship is your opportunity to cruise the Caribbean while enjoying entertainment from your best EDM DJs. This festival also has stopovers on the beach, which adds more to the experience.

If you think you will have downtime during the cruise, you are wrong. Read creative times guide on rock concert to find out how you can get maximum enjoyment from your EDM cruise.
Though the capacity for the liner is 4000, being in an enclosed environment makes for a one of a kind experience.  The atmosphere on the holy ship is extremely carnival as famous DJs such as Zedd, Tiesto, Skrillex and others will rock you for the entire cruise. After just three days on the luxury liner, you will be begging for more.

3.    SENSATION, Netherlands (and worldwide), July

Sensation started out in the Netherlands in 2005 but has quickly spread to at least 20 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. You must attend this festival if for nothing else, just to claim that you have attended one of the fastest growing EDM sensations (pun intended) in the world.
The best of the best DJs, including Swedish house mafia, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk and countless others play at Sensation festivals.
Sensation festivals are themed, and fans dress up based on the sensation white and sensation black themes.
Attendance for sensation parties averages at 45,000.

4.    SONAR, Spain, June

When Sonar was first founded in the early 1990s, its attendants stood at around 6000 people. The festival has since grown to attract up to 80,000 fans yearly.
Sonar is an important even for Barcelona and it is seen as contributing to the growth of its host town.
The festival is well known for its indie rock, house, techno and electro.

Diamond engagement rings say it best

Diamond engagement rings really say I love you. Here’s a look at different shape and cuts for your bride to be.

Pop the question with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring.

Dazzling engagement rings in Melbourne sparkling with diamonds can tell her just how much you love her. Diamonds exude romance and ever-lasting love and are perfect for that big question.

Diamond engagement rings say it best120

Diamond engagement rings say it best

You’ll Never Believe Why Gold is Better than Cash

Gold has been used as a currency in one form or another in times of both prosperity and economic collapse. But gold gets the most action with rough economic tides, here’s why.

They say that rough seas make for skilled sailors, and with the way the financial world has been heaving one way or another for the last 10 year – I will take my financial advisor’s advice when he suggests I invest in gold.

gold bangles

In simple terms, inflation is a real pain in the rear. $5 on Monday may not have the same purchasing power by the time Friday rolls around. Whereas with gold, when times are skint, gold’s value climbs.

Top 10 Celebrities who Died in Auto Accidents

Car or motorcycle accidents are very common and one of the major causes of death. Many have become prey to it and not only common people but even some celebrities too who have lost their life in car accidents or motorcycle accidents. The causes of accident can vary whether by drivers’ mistakes or negligent or other. We are telling you about some celebrities who have lost their life in car accident or motorcycle indicating that no one can escape from these accidents unless one drives safe.

Top 10 Celebrities who died in Auto accidents

Artimus Lamont Bentley (1989-2005): Lamont Bentley was an American actor and rapper and made his last onscreen appearances in Spike Lee’s crime drama Sucker Free City. Bentley died in a road accident on January 19, 2005. He was driving alone and killed in a single car accident in southern California’s Ventura County. He was driving on highway 118 near Simi Valley. It was reported that Bentley’s vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed towards the Rock Peak Fire Road off ramp. After running through a stop sign, the vehicle was reported to go through a chain link fence that was situated across the street and rolled down an embankment. He sustained severed multiple blunt force injuries and was pronounced dead around 12:23 am.

Bonar Colleano (1944-1958): Bonar was an American born British stage and film actor. He died at the age of 34. He crashed his sport car in Birkenhead after exiting the Queensway Tunnel. It was reported that he was driving back from Liverpool’s New Shakespeare Theatre. His fellow actor, Michael Balfour got 98 stitches and recovered.

Alan Crosland (1894 – 1936): Alan was an American stage actor and film director. Crosland died in 1936 around the age of 41 because of an automobile accident on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

James Dean (1931 – 1955): James was an American actor. The two roles that defined his stardom were loner Cal Trask in East of Eden and ranch hand Jett Rink in Giant. He is one of the first actors to receive a posthumous Academy award nomination for Best actor. Dean was fond of car racing and he was scheduled to compete at a racing event in Salinas, California. With him to the occasion was Bill Hickman who was a stunt coordinator. Both Dean and Hickman was driving behind the Porsche around 3:30 pm and ticketed for speeding. The group traveled to the event via U.S Route 466 then 1950 Ford Tudor made a hesitant attempt to turn away from and intersection placing him at the center of the road so Dean was unable to stop in time and slammed into the driver’s quadrant of the Ford Tudor, in this accident Dean sustained numerous fatal injuries and broke his neck. Dean was announced dead on arrival after he made arrived by ambulance at the Paso Robles War Memorial Hospital.

Roger Delgado (1918-1973): Roger was a British actor known for as the first actor to play the Master in Doctor who. Delgado died on location in Turkey while shooting the feature film Bell of Tibet which was never completed. He was killed with two Turkish film technicians when their car went off the road into a ravine. At the time of death he was 55 years old.

Johnny Horton (1925-1960): Johnny was an American country music and rockabilly singer famous for his semi folk songs. He died in a car accident when he travelled the 220 mile journey back to Shreveport. Tomlinson was in the back of noticing that Horton was driving the car fast. Frank was in sleep in the front. Near Milano, Texas, Horton was crossing a bridge when a truck hit both sides of the bridge as well as Horton’s Cadillac. Though Horton avoided the head on collision driving into ditches but on the narrow bridge he crashed the car. He was declared dead when en route to his family residence in Brady in Central Texas.

Sam Kinison (1953-1992): Sam was an American stand-up comedian and actor. He was known for his intense, harsh and politically incorrect humor. He died at the age of 38 after his white 1989 Pontiac Trans Am got struck head on on U.S Route 95  by a pickup truck that was driven by 17 year old Troy Pierson who under the effect of alcohol. The pickup truck crossed the center line of the roadway and got into Kinison’s lane.

Ernie Kovacs (1919-1962): Kovacs was an American comedian, writer and actor. He was killed in an automobile accident in Los Angeles in the early morning hours of January 13, 1962. It was reported after the party given by Billy Wilder for Milton Berle and his wife, the couple left the party in separate cars.  After a light rainstorm, Kovacs lost the control of his Chevrolet Corvair station wagon while turning fast but crashed into a power pole at the corner of Beverly Glen and Santa Monica Boulevards. He died instantly because of chest and head injuries when thrown out of the passenger side.

Jayne Mansfield (1933-1967): Jayne was an American actress in film, television and theatre. Mansfield, her lover Sam Brody including their driver Ronnie Harrison with three of her children drove in Buick Electra 225. They were heading for New Orleans where she had to appear for an early morning television interview. On June 29 around 2:25am on U.S. Highway 90, eat of the Rigolets Bridge, the car crashed into the rear of a tractor trailer that was behind another truck spraying mosquito fogger. The car went into the rear of the trailer. The three adults in front seat got killed instantly.

Judy Tyler (1932-1957) was an American actress. With her second husband driving through Wyoming, they were involved in an automobile accident on U.S Route 287. It was on July 3, 1957. She died instantly in the accident. A passenger in other car was also killed.

Paul Walker (1973-2020): Paul was an American actor best known for doing film series “The Fast and The Furious”. On November 30, 2020 around 3:30pm, Walker and Roger Rodas, 38, left an event for Walker’s Charity Reach out Worldwide for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the car, red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. The car crashed into a concrete lamppost including two trees on Hercules street, 45 miles per hour speed zone near Kelly Johnson Parkway in Valenica, Santa Clarita, California, after which it was reported the vehicle burst into flames. It was said that Rodas was driving the car and Walker was the passenger, both victims were dead at the scene.  Walker said to have died from the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries according to the Los Angeles county coroner’s office. (The above content is taken from Wikipedia.)

Whatever the reason for you to drive the car and wherever you are going, you should drive safe. It should not be that if you see clear road, you drive the car fast, sometimes on clear road, accidents just happen. So as far as possible you should or must always drive the car safe securing yourself and others.

IPL 2015 Schedule

IPL 2020 is starting from 8th April 2020 with its first match that will be played between last year champion Kolkata Knight Rider and Mumbai Indian. Cricket fan will be reserved for the section. All cricket fan is ready to support their team. All teams will play to win the tournament. Whatever is going to be a lot of fun to us.

pepsi ipl 2020

Pepsi IPL 2020

Choosing the Right Parcel Company for Your Needs

When it comes to sending parcels for your business, there are some factors that you will need to consider before choosing which parcel company to use. Everybody wants the most cost effective solution, but you will also have to weigh up the reliability and service received against the overall cost to find the best company for your needs. The first place that you need to start is by looking at current requirements and your future requirements if your business is looking to expand.

Parcel Company

Image by: Seamoor

Five Skills You Need For Being a Freelancer

The global economy is a playground which gives equal chances to everyone to find their way towards riches of the world. There are many methods through which you can avail these chances, and freelancing is one of the. However, being a successful freelancer is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are listed five traits that can really assist you in the same.

Are you dreaming of freelancing these days and nights? If you are tired of running on the employee treadmill and are thinking of starting something of your own by using your hard-earned skills, freelancing is the best way out. Even as large corporations are implementing cost cutting measures such as scaling back on the expensive resource-heavy workforce, they will require the services of expert freelancer to get them going. It all depends on the expertise level and industry, if you have got the expertise in the right areas, there is a good chance you can convert it into a freelance career by using your knowledge and skills.

The Guy’s Guide to Engagement Rings

If you’re intent on proposing to your girlfriend with the perfect ring, here’s a guide to shopping and picking out the ideal stone and setting.

Engagement Rings

So it’s time to buy the ring. Congratulation! But how exactly do you pick the perfect piece for your fiancé-to-be? Here’s what you need to think about before you start shopping.