4 EDM Festivals That Should Make It to Your List of Festivals You Must See

As EDM continues to gain popularity due to the big events that take place each year, many more EDM festivals are constantly breaking out and fast becoming forces to be reckoned with.

While there are certain EDM festivals such as Electric Daisy, Tomorrowland and Ultra-Miami which practically every EDM fan knows about, there are a few other EDM festivals that are rarely spoken about but are extremely epic.

List of Festivals

As you make a bucket list of things to do around the world, you should add attending some of these EDM festivals to your list. Before you start planning, check out the eventtraveler.com for EDM festival destinations and plan for these EDM festivals:

1.    NATURE ONE, Germany, August

Nature one launched in 1995 and has grown to command an attendance of 50,000 people yearly. The setting of this concert is in a very natural environment that allows well over 40,000 fans to camp overnight.
At least 300 Djs perform at Nature One, which takes place every early August.

2.    HOLY SHIP, Miami cruise ship, January and February

This is a festival on a cruise ship. Getting on the holy ship is your opportunity to cruise the Caribbean while enjoying entertainment from your best EDM DJs. This festival also has stopovers on the beach, which adds more to the experience.

If you think you will have downtime during the cruise, you are wrong. Read creative times guide on rock concert to find out how you can get maximum enjoyment from your EDM cruise.
Though the capacity for the liner is 4000, being in an enclosed environment makes for a one of a kind experience.  The atmosphere on the holy ship is extremely carnival as famous DJs such as Zedd, Tiesto, Skrillex and others will rock you for the entire cruise. After just three days on the luxury liner, you will be begging for more.

3.    SENSATION, Netherlands (and worldwide), July

Sensation started out in the Netherlands in 2005 but has quickly spread to at least 20 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. You must attend this festival if for nothing else, just to claim that you have attended one of the fastest growing EDM sensations (pun intended) in the world.
The best of the best DJs, including Swedish house mafia, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk and countless others play at Sensation festivals.
Sensation festivals are themed, and fans dress up based on the sensation white and sensation black themes.
Attendance for sensation parties averages at 45,000.

4.    SONAR, Spain, June

When Sonar was first founded in the early 1990s, its attendants stood at around 6000 people. The festival has since grown to attract up to 80,000 fans yearly.
Sonar is an important even for Barcelona and it is seen as contributing to the growth of its host town.
The festival is well known for its indie rock, house, techno and electro.

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