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How Did Apple Ad Blocking Upset Advertising Industries?

Ad blocking is nothing new. It is growing but still in limited behavior, but what many advertising industries are worried about is Apple’s ad-blocking framework with the new iOS 9. Apple now becomes a threat for ads, for publishers and in the process, it may be fatal for the web.

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In the new iOS 9 Apple has made many useful updates like a smarter Siri and a more useful wallet as well as an update in which app-developers will now be able to create ad blocking for the company’s web browser, Safari.

What is Ad Blocking?

Ad blocking technology works on the principle of using a list of advertisers’ IP addresses, detects content from those IP addresses and then rejects that content by literally stripping it from the web page and filling the empty space with other content, so that the reader isn’t viewing holes on the page, where the advertisements had been.

Ad blocking is generally dealing with those annoying types of ads, like pop ups, retargeted ads or pre-roll videos and it is pretty easy to see why many mobile users would want to block all these things on their slow networks and tiny mobile screens.

Although now a hot topic, ad blocking isn’t that new, since several popular browsers have been supporting third-party plugins on desktop computers for years. These plugins are frequently downloaded millions of times every day by many users, but ad blocking has never been a part of a browser, nor available on the mobile web.

iPhone users can download third-party browsers, but many users of tablets and mobile phones in the US use Apple’s Safari browser. Ad blocking existed for iOS and Android in the past, although limited, and this is first time that Apple is enabling mobile ad blocking and making it happen.

The usage of ad blocking isn’t widely adopted yet, but it is growing every day, and 10-15% of internet users in the US are using ad blocking plugins. This number isn’t that big yet, but still, it is substantial enough to get the attention of advertisers whose ads are being blocked.

The number will only grow as the developers are releasing new built in ad blocking plugins and technologies. It is predicted that, by the year 2020, mobile ads will surpass desktop ones, reaching an estimated figure of $55 billion and this is no surprise because many people are now moving to mobile surfing.

Why are Publishers Worried?

Ads are not just used to annoy and burden the readers – for publishers and various marketing sites, ads pay the bills. Every major network like Google, Facebook and Twitter runs on ads, but Apple don’t.

Apple’s revenue comes from iTunes and the App Store and from its hardware, and that is the reason to make browsing on Safari more appealing to its users, and if more mobile users don’t want to be spammed with annoying ads, Apple offers that option on their mobile OS.

Why are Publishers Worried

Apple is now competing with Google in some way, and this move can really hurt publishers and we all know Google depends on the revenue it gets from ads.

Can lose billions of dollars from this blocking extension. Apple, with incorporating this blocking capability, can seriously damage Google and get away with it by claiming that they were only trying to improve user experience.

Using Sponsored Content

There are ways to avoid the effect of ad blocking, by using sponsored content, if that content is not published through ad networks so that it is not affected by ad blocking. Since we know that ad blocking is currently targeting annoying types of ads like pop ups and banner ads, it doesn’t strip content on the page like landing pages, in-text and call buttons, so that way, advertising content can still be served to the readers in order to promote and distribute sponsored content.

Although this isn’t that easy and quick to do as producing display ads, the effort put in sponsored content can only benefit publishers and advertisers in the long run. After all, stats have shown that banner ads aren’t that effective. Ad blocking can actually be helpful and can make the publisher/advertiser/reader relationships much better.

So far, publishing websites have contained 80% of useful information and 20% of ads and if the sponsored content is done right, the web pages can now be entirely composed of quality content and still make profit.

A website with sponsored content will give greater appeal to the readers and will close that transparency gap which ad blocking usually associates with spam. Ad blocking has surely shaken up the advertising market but is not that fatal to publishers. If the sponsored content is done right, in the end, publishers, readers and advertisers can have a much better online experience.

The web is changing, it becomes disjointed and hard to control. Although it seems free to users, we shouldn’t forget that ads are keeping content creators in business and their lights on.

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The Best Tricks To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s Sunday night. You had a well-spent weekend and you decide sleep early to wake up feeling fully charged and refreshed to kick start your day tomorrow. You lie at bed at 10 and suddenly your brain becomes this spiral of thoughts remembering things you did even years ago. And before you know, it’s 1! Thanks to this fast paced and stressful life, sleeping has gotten harder and harder. If you have been struggling in getting quality sleep, adopt these tips and you will find yourself falling asleep much sooner:

Turn off technology at least an hour before sleeping:

When most people say that it’s time for sleeping, what they mean is that they will first browse through Facebook posts and whatsapp messages and then sleep. But have you noticed how doing this makes you less sleep at the end? That is because devices emit a blue rays which sends alert signals to your brain and awakes you. Turn off any kind of technology at least an hour before you go for sleeping.

Make friends with herbal teas:

Stop drinking caffeine drinks and instead welcome herbal drinks in your life which will help you sleep better plus offer you many more benefits. Chamomile tea is considered as the best tea which helps people in falling asleep quickly.It’s considered to have some sedative effects which makes it work. You can have a look at the different varieties online and make the best choice for yourself. Don’t forget to use Healthkart coupons via so that you can buy them at discounted prices with the bonus of cash back.

friends with herbal teas

Take a hot bath

A hot bath right before bed can immensely benefit you. It can raise your internal body temperature and when you step out of it, your body will start to cool. This will calm your nerves and send signals to your brain so that you fall asleep quickly. In short, you need to do something which helps you unwind and relaxes you. Make sure the water is comfortably hot and not cool otherwise it won’t prove to be effective. You can even make use of bath salt bombs to elevate your experience and enjoy it more. Shop for them online without breaking your bank by taking advantage of Amazon coupons present on

Take a hot bath

Find a way to shut down your brain:

For over-thinkers who deeply scrutinize every little thing and create scenarios in their head which worry them to no end, find out a way to calm your brain and reduce your over-thinking habits. You can jot down how your day went and the things you are frustrated over in a journal which will help you in venting out your feelings. Meditation can work wonders for you. Even sitting in silence for some minutes can work like a charm! Meditation is also great for your overall mental health.

shut down your brain

Create a schedule

Yes! Create one and stick to it. Decide a fixed time for going to sleep every day and stay true to it. This includes weekends too. Try your best to get sorted out by that time. Once your body gets accustomed to a schedule, you will find that you can sleep in a much better manner and that too without putting in many efforts. This way you will also get up feeling more refreshed.

These tricks won’t work instantly. Be patient and give them some time to work for you. In the long run, these will definitely work nicely to help you get a better night’s sleep!

India calling out to you for a Lovely Volunteering Experience

India – the very word induces a feeling of a colorful culture endowed with warm people. If you want to have a feel of the warmth and the colors of the country, why not opt for volunteer travel in India. This way, you can give your best to the needy and in turn be gifted with the most beautiful present – love.

In my four years of experience, I have volunteered in several places inside the nation. India presents a plethora of places to choose for volunteering. Being one of the most populated nations in the world, there are many corners in the country that need attention and love. If you do your bit, you can help bring smiles to many faces.

 Let me give you a rundown on the most attractive places for volunteering in India.

  • Spiti

Spiti valley is a cluster of villages huddled in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. With the Spiti River flowing into the Hangrang Valley gorge, the place is one of the most beautiful places in North India. You can volunteer for the locals who are working very close to nature in order to earn their living. Work for the economic uplift of the region through your education. You can help the locals in leading a more economic life and save their money for future use.

  • Breswana

Huddled in the lap of divine Kashmir and gifting the world a cherubic environment stands the village of Breswana. With the Doda Mountains covering the village, Breswana is nothing short of a paradise. Starting from serrated topography to free flowing waterfalls and mountain slopes, it is the perfect place to volunteer.

You can help the local children learn English and also impart primary school education. The distance from more populous places and the rugged features have made the place isolated from the hustle of city life. Not that it matters. But, the lack of proper infrastructure has made Breswana natives susceptible to minor health problems. If you are an intern, you can do your bit in this pristine Himalayan village and help the people with basic medical treatment.

  • Dharamshala

The land where the Holy Dalai Lama resides has to have something about it. Several volunteer organizations are established here. You can enroll in any one of these organizations and help out the people. Apart from offering vocational training to women and teaching children, you can also get involved in community work. Help in building a school or stage road side shows to make people aware of the harms caused by untidiness.

  • Jaipur

If you want to do India volunteering and indulge in the royal history of the country at the same time, visit Jaipur. I promise you the Pink City of India would be quite a volunteering destination. Jaipur is known for its colorful dresses and accessories. Why not instill some more art into the existing craft of Rajasthan. If you are good at drawing, you can help out thousands of budding artists to learn the techniques of good artistry. Teach computer skills and English to the needy. Your contribution in the lives of the less fortunate can bring you unnamed blessings.

  • Kanda

This scenic small town in Uttarakhand is well-known for its Bhadrakali temple. Since, it is situated on the slopes, it is important that the environment of the town be preserved. Indiscriminate farming can spoil the hold of the soil leading to erosion and land slides. Teach the villagers about the significance of scientific methods of farming. Your efforts can give way to immense rural development and also assist in creating infrastructure. Motivate the villagers to plant more trees, so that erosion is reduced to a considerable extent.

  • Kumaon

This is another remote yet angelic location in Uttarakhand. Remember the “Man-eaters of Kumaon?” Yes, it is the same place immortalized by Jim Korbett. It is considered to be the best location in the Sub-Himalayan region. However, the infrastructural state of the place is not much developed. Therefore, as a volunteer you can become a part of a volunteer organization and work towards the healthcare, rural development and education of the local people.

  • Ladakh

This former kingdom of a Buddhist monarch is still a Buddhist town. You can enroll in a voluntary organization and teach the young generation. They might be living in a remote destination, but they need to learn about the outer world too. You can teach the young children in the local schools and also train them in ice skating techniques.

  • Dimapur

Dimapur is the capital city of Nagaland. History still speaks through the ruins of the Kachari tribe that used to rule the region before 13th century A.D. You can contribute to the lives of the people of Dimapur by helping them with baby care and counseling of new mothers.

I have been there, done that. Now, it is time for you to try something. When was the last time you did something different? Can’t remember? Here is your chance. Get going and give your inputs. We are waiting.

Top 3 Deadly Mistakes Designers are Making

There are various significant elements that define a good website, and website design is one of the most important elements. Whether you plan on launching a simple informative blog or more of a professional site, without a good website design, you may find it difficult to have online success.

Launching a website is a daunting task but the real challenge lies in designing it. Designers forget that the website is being built for web users and online customers. They keep creativity and innovative over practicality and usability.

Therefore, we decided to mention top 3 deadly mistakes that designers make while designing a website.

1.       Designing the holy search box

Internet is an archive of information. A large amount of information is available and accessing every bit of it is not possible without a search box. Be it an informative blog, an online store or a professional site, search box plays a crucial role. A web user may want to find something which is not available on the first page of the site. Web users are impatient and it takes only few minutes to irritate them. Therefore, instead of navigating them away from your website it is always better to give them easier access to your information.

Designing the holy search box

Tips to Make your Dissertation 100% Original

Are you aware of the key priorities to be kept in mind while submitting PhD Dissertation? Clueless?  Ok, let’s discuss the most important thing to be kept in mind while submitting PhD Dissertation. Your content should be 100 per cent original. Nothing is more important than this point to be remembered in the entire process.


5 Reasons why Blogging is Good Marketing

Are you aware that blogging offers multiple business benefits to the marketers? It can also help you earn extra money by making your creative art of storytelling reach global heights.

blog marketing tip and tricks

In today’s time, the strong relationship between blogging and social media is not hidden by anyone. Day by day, this relationship is getting strengthened with a pinch of trust being added in different formats by bloggers. Hence, with all its diverse functions, blogging forms the core of an integrated content marketing strategy. Social media works as its distribution channel with an added layer. Now, to know why blogging is good for the marketing, let’s share the five main reasons:

Blogs are the base of SEO strategy

Blogs can mint gold for SEO(search engine optimization) . As you routinely update and optimize keywords in your blogs, they help in highlighting your product on daily basis, especially when linked to Google cloud.

Blogs can make you an established leader

If you continue writing or blogging on a particular subject and if you are known across the industry, there is no doubt that you shall become a leader of your subject one day. Use of blogs can help you pave the path to achieve industry leader status.

Blogs for brand awareness

Blogs are always good for brand awareness. They provide a way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Also they help in carrying forward your focused message in the hearts and minds of target customers

Journalists bank on blogs

Bloggers are ‘resources’ these days. That’s the reason why journalists also bank on them to dig out interesting source material.  Even the public relations professionals depend on bloggers to promote and market their breaking client news.

Blogs are building blocks for new bonds

There is immense power in blogging. It builds bonds; bonds defining the best parameters. This is because when you write, people want to learn more about you and they actually start feeling an actual bond.

Hence, we all need to remember that in today’s time, where social media is penetrating in every nook and corner, trust forms the most valuable currency. And it is the class of bloggers which can help build trust in the society through their writings and promoting a  concept, product or idea in society, thereby paving way for good marketing.

How To Stay Focused While Writing IIT JEE 2016 Exam?

IIT JEE is supposed to be a big entrance examination for taking admission in IITs. This toughest exam requires complete dedication and hard work to get a high score. Every candidate should be alert while preparing IIT JEE Online , and attempting the test.

Always keep in mind that there is not any substitute of hard work. Candidate who will prepare with complete dedication must win this race. Devote your full time and efforts when you are going to appear in IIT JEE 2020 Exam. Do not forget that not only preparation, but also concentration while writing IIT JEE exam is also big concerned for all aspirants.

IIT JEE 2020 Exam

How to Earn Money Online in India

The telecom revolution in the last decade has enabled ordinary citizens of India to log on to the World Wide Web and a large number of Indians are looking to benefit from the internet financially.

There are numerous ways to earn money online in a free and fast manner.

India is a country having low per capital income, so a large number of internet users are looking different ways to earn money from the comfort of their homes. These include housewives, senior citizens, and teens who are looking to increase their income and many of them dream rich.

Earn Money Online in India

The internet gives very good opportunities to make money. Though it cannot be considered as a

single source of income, definitely the net can supplement your income. The amount you can earn depends on the time and efforts you are going to put.

Here are some options and find out which ones work for you.


If you have thrill in writing and want to publish, the best option is to create your own blog. You

need not require technical skills to create a blog. If you have expertise you will definitely succeed. You can lure advertisers, pen paid reviews and get commissions for promoting other products and earn money to a great extent. 

Freelance writing

Maintaining a blog may be difficult sometimes but again if you have a passion for writing

you can still write down articles for other sites. You can write E-books which is a good option.

E-books do not require investments. You only need command over the language. The other option is to become a copy editor where Webmasters pay for your work.

Online tutoring

This is another different technique to earn money through internet. You can teach the students

and arrange tutorials for them through different sites. All you need to become an online tutor

and expertise in your field and if you gain reputation you can transmit lectures over the Net.

Online surveys

There are different online surveys through which you can make money. Through Online surveys you can answer questions that range from shopping to politics. This method is suitable who need extra bucks.

Internet quizzing

You can arrange quizzes through the Net and earn money. 

Affiliate marketing

If you have good interest and knack in selling products online the best option is Affiliate

marketing. An Affiliate gets commission for every product he promotes. Sign up an affiliate program with a company and start selling their product using your referral link.

Good option for professional

If you are an expert in your trade and know the knack of customer satisfaction, freelancing

is a good option. Project –oriented sites allow companies to describe their projects. You can offer

your ideas and proposals and the buyers can select what is suitable for them. You can earn a good amount of commission thereby.


Advertising through Net is another great option to earn money. You have to sell space on your

Website or blogs and when the ads are clicked by visitors you earn money in a decent way. Here

the placing of an ad is free. Profitability depends upon the traffic level of the Website, rate and cost per click.

Get-paid –to sites

This is another popular way to earn money especially for our teens. You can sign up for free Websites, play games and fill out online surveys. These are suitable for teens who do not have

the skill sets to earn money.

Marketing through Online.

For this, first you have to create a Website and optimize for search engine. A search engine marketing expert can promote a Website in different ways. You can market articles, write press releases, post blogs and earn money thereby.

You can sell photos too

This is yet another option for those having keen interest in photography. You can earn a good amount of money through this option. There are people who are having special interest in collecting images. Many photo agencies provide incentives to people who are interested to earn from their photos.

Inbound call centre. 

There are so any companies especially in metro cities prefer to hire employees outside their offices. You can set up a inbound call centre at your home to handle such type of jobs. Research

companies who are outsourcing their work as they may require agents for Inbound call centre also. In this case you can work for different companies.

These are the main options you can consider if you really want to earn money online in India.

Wishes you a Very Happy & Prosperous Diwali


What is Diwali?

Diwali is the five- day festival of lights celebrated by millions of Hindus, Jain & Sikhs across the globe. The Diwali is also considered as good over evil. The actual day of Diwali is celebrated on the festival’s third day, Which this year falls on Wednesday, November 11.

This festival of lights usually falls between the Middle of the October & the middle of the November, although that is decided upon by the Hindu lunar calendar.

happy diwali 2020 images

Miracle of Islam on an Egg Shell

Hayat Rabbani Egg Merchant. A shop located in Shastri Nagar, Jaipur Rajasthan. Abdul Hameed Rabbani, who is the owner of the shop. He was running a simple egg shop, but suddenly his life became change because of an Egg.

The egg was not a normal, but it has the name of Allah and Prophet Muhammad sallahu alehewasallam on it. The shelf life of an egg is 2-4 days or maximum 3-4 weeks when we store it in a refrigerator, but this is a miracle of Allah that the egg is fresh after 1 year and 28 days at 1st November 2020.

Ashok Gahlot with Miracle Egg