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Information Age Technologies Jobs: Impact and Importance of the Internship on Career Building

Experience is vital at the entry level job search. However, it’s a significant challenge that those transitioning into the workforce, face. So, where do you get experience in Information Technology or any other career path?

Top 5 Job Tips with Hardware Networking

Hardware professionals are required to look after software installations as well as to ensure that computers work faster and efficiently. A hardware professional coupled with networking skills always adds value to a company and is thus always preferred.



There are some of the major 10 tips that can land you in hardware networking jobs:

  1. Be aware of yourself: It is the foremost tip that one should keep in mind before applying for the job. Keeping yourself updated will always allow you to get these jobs done and can be placed in top companies.
  2. Certification: If you have certification in IT and hardware industry of CCNA, CCNP and CCIE, then you can easily avail the job opportunities related to hardware networking. These are the most useful and certified courses of which one needs to get done.
  3. Job opportunities: After you have completed your academics, you can easily search for these jobs because these jobs are in enormous form and will land you in a most comfortable way. Various designations of System Administrator, System Engineer, Technical support and others are there to provide the good package.
  4. Salary package: This job compensates candidates handsomely and makes them count their job satisfaction. Candidates are paid relatively higher than other staffs in IT department.
  5. Job security: These jobs vacancy is both issued by the public as well as private sector enterprises. And if a candidate has an experience regarding the same for many years then he/she can have better job security in future terms.

Hardware networking jobs need expertise in subject matter and allow seekers to land at best position in top companies. This job is professional in nature and allows better use of it. There are ample of jobs available in the country, one needs to cater those and convert them into positive results.

How to Apply for a Volunteer Job

Are you passionate about volunteering? Are you planning to start a career in volunteering? If yes, then you should start sending applications to volunteer organizations. As a volunteering aspirant and as a fresher, I found it very tough to bag a volunteering position to India. This is because; most organizations prefer to hire experienced people.


So, I started volunteering for local organizations.  This helped me gather some experience in the field I liked. You can use certificates from local volunteering organizations as a proof of your experience in the field. For instance, you can work in an old age home, an orphanage and other similar centres.

If you have worked in more than one field, you must have realized which field attracts you the most. However, as a volunteer you might have to do any activity if need comes. But, you can state your specializations on your resume while applying for volunteering programmes in India.

Here are some tips from my personal experience.

# Do a thorough research  

Search on the Internet to learn in details about the volunteer organization of your choice. You will come across several organizations that claim to be honest and authentic. But, on further research you will realize that many of them are fake organizations and might not even exist.

Some organizations offer customized services to their aspirants. But, you might only end up paying loads in the hope of getting customized services.

# Address a particular person

Are you really eager to become a volunteer? In that case you should send the application to a particular person. Now, this particular person should be responsible for recruitment and hiring. Do not send the application to no one in particular. If you have to do some research about the organizational hierarchy, so be it. At least you will be able to convey your ardent desire to the person concerned.

# Research is indeed important

Research will not just help you to assess the authenticity of the organization. It will also assist you in understanding the specializations of the organization. To obtain best results, insert qualities in your resume that match specialization of the enterprise.

If you have already done volunteer work in a particular field, mention that in your resume.

# Make yourself clear to the recruiters

When writing the application, you should mention why you want to volunteer abroad. Organizations want to know this because they want to be sure that you have the required passion and ability to volunteer abroad. Make sure that you mention how your goals culminate with the objectives of the volunteer organization.

# Mention your qualities

Why do you think a volunteer organization will hire you? No, only passion cannot take you to the realm of your dreams. You need to possess the required abilities. Your application should mention what all you can do.

# Attach your resume with the application

If you attach your resume with the application, the recruiter will be able to learn about your qualification. She or she will also understand how professional you are. Display your professionalism to get hired quickly.

# Follow up with a phone call

After sending the application, why don’t you follow up with a phone call? Call them up and ask about the status of the position for which you have applied. This will show the organization that you are interested for the position. However, it is better not to get too pushy. You don’t want to annoy the recruiters. Do you?

# Pay a visit prior to the interview

If you are applying to a popular and large organization they might have offices in different parts of the city. Sometimes, these organizations consolidate the recruitment process of all offices in the main office. It is better to visit the main office before the interview date. You don’t want to be late for you interview, right?

# Speak convincingly

On your interview, you should try to convince the interviewer about your abilities and your experiences. Speak with full conviction, so that the interviewer hires you.

# Cooperate during the verification process

State phone numbers of people you know, as references. Be ready for a background check after your interview is over. Do not feel intimated by this approach of the volunteer organization. They do it to protect you and the other volunteers who are going to work with you. International volunteering involves sending individuals abroad. Therefore, organizations want to make sure that the individuals they are working with are not convicts.

They should also know; if you are suffering from asthma, heart disease or any other type of health problems. In case you suffer from asthma, the organization may think twice before sending you to a cold or arid region.

These steps will help you get a role in one of the many volunteer programs in India. Try them out and you will definitely be able to bag a volunteering position in India. Do not forget to enlighten us about your experience once you crack the interview. All the best!

Professional Career that Finance Students can Choose

While through half of your graduation or post-graduation in Banking & Finance, you were told otherwise, as banker you do more than prepare spreadsheets for your organization.

Back in 70s the scope for finance students was limited to only becoming stock brokers or insurance agents. They had their paths set, while today, financial service sector allows you to become a financial planner, investment analyst, accountants, and much more.

The industry has become a lucrative choice as the realms of banking, insurance and investment, financial services have expanded. Competition in each sector of economy has helped students secure a chance of becoming a part of major industries and multinational firms.

Financial sector has even become the backbone of countries such as UK, USA, and Canada. Majorly those who study abroad in UK as international students, have a fair chance of contributing significantly to the economy of UK.

Here are some of the finest careers offered to graduates from banking & finance backgrounds –

1)      Financial Planner

Financial planner is the architect of your business. Like an architect, a financial planner dives into the financial data, discover the weak areas within the structure and functioning, vouch for substantial changes.  He/She, in other words, aim to make the fiscal foundation of an organization much stronger.

They are rich in aptitude, research, serious thinking, and interaction skills, for which they are highly regarded.

To claim a job in financial planning, one can look for in banks, pension management companies, insurance firms, and other such securities organizations. As a prerequisite, one must have an educational qualification in business, finance, statistics, or accounting, or in some cases be an MBA degree holder.

2)      Investment Banker

The popular case of finance sector, investment banker, is considered to one of the toughest profession since it is one of the most thought-provoking and satisfying career for business graduates.

Through time and tide, their knowledge is tested. They are known to make investment decisions for a company that involves going through financial statements, preparing reports, proposing suitable amendments, forming financial business models, researching about market trends and various approaches, gathering workforce for financial meetings, to name a few. Yes! That’s what makes the job tough.

To become one, you must at least a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business, or economics from top universities in UK, USA, Canada, or Australia. Also, having proficiency in problem-solving, quantitative and analytical skills, a strong work ethic will be highly regarded.

3)      Relationship Manager

How much do you love talking to new people? Do you enjoy seeing fresh faces and building new relationships? A relationship manager or a broker, as they say, does this exactly! Agents of this category are the heart of financial sector. Their job determines the success of a firm, as a whole.

Though the tasks of a relationship manager includes attracting new investors to the company, encouraging the interactions with the current ones and persuading previous investors to come back. They must be good at sales activities and know their business by heart to become successful. Also, strong interpersonal skills boost up the confidence and help in persuasion for complex ideas that require huge investments and much coaxing efforts.

4)       Claims Adjuster

What is not there in the Key Responsibility Areas of a relationship manager, is there in that of a claim adjuster. They are equally important to a firm since they maintain the worthiness of an organization. She/he assesses the accuracy of the claims registered, examine the claim personally, and make appropriate arrangements. To deny or approve, a claim adjuster hast to prepare a report.

Do you have great communication skills, an eye of Sherlock Holmes, vast knowledge of the fields an organization has to deal with? Choose to become a Claim Adjuster!

An eye for detail, good communication and negotiation skills, multitasking abilities, and an extensive knowledge of the field are assets to this role. Though a degree in business, accounting, math, or statistics may ease transition into the industry, graduates from different academic backgrounds possessing the necessary skills and traits have also experienced success as claims adjusters.

5 Ways You Can Find a Job that You Love

I have often come across people who complain about their job and what they would do to get a job they love. At first it looks like that the concept of a ‘job that I love’ is only a fictional part of the professional world.

To a majority of the working professionals, the experience of their working life feels to be coming right out of a dystopian novel. The daily monotonous 9-to-5 job saps their source of inspiration and they find themselves stuck in the hamster wheel.

Job satisfaction is something that is not easy to come by, if you consider the average professional who are in the job for more than two years. Is doing a job you love really important? Would you leave your current job which pays your bill and helps you to lead a good life, and take a risk by doing something you love but that doesn’t pay well?

But if you look it at this way, you will be working nine hours a day, 40 hours a week, which is more than 70,000 hours in your lifetime in a job that you never loved. And this speaks volumes of time being wasted (more than 25% of your life).

So, it is a good reason for you to get a job that you love. But to find one needs a lot of perseverance and patience. Here are a few tips that will help you to find a job that you love.

1.       Know about your job preference

The first step to getting a job you love is to understand which job is perfect for you. Most of the times, I have seen people taking jobs just because of the money that is present in that field of work or there is respect. After two to three years they realise that they are stuck in the wrong job and it had been a great mistake to join without thinking.

There are a lot of personality tests that will help you to determine what kind of career course suits you; in short, where you will be happy and successful at the same time. If you know better about yourself it makes it easier to get towards your job satisfaction. You will find yourself adjusted with a job that matches your level of skills and knowledge.

  • 2.       Look before you leap

Sometimes it is not the job that is the reason for your ‘job satisfaction’. It also depends on the company you will be working. Every company has its core values and working style that you need to be accustomed with. Though you might get a position that matches with your passion and skills, you will feel that the company is not offering you with the exposure and environment that makes you comfortable.

Before joining a company, full-time or internship, do an informational check to know more about the company. You can talk with a friends or common connection who is working there and get a clear picture about the company and their way of working. Learn if they provide the right environment for personal growth.

  • 3.       Create a strong network of like-minded professionals

Knowing the career you will be satisfied with is easy, but it is not easy to actually find an opportunity. In such cases, having a strong network of people working in that field will be your greatest asset and assist you in getting any opportunity related to that field.

There are various groups in social media networks which will help you to learn about news related to your choice of career. LinkedIn is one such network which will help you to get in touch with people who can help you to find any job opportunity in the field you are looking. You can contact such people, but remember not to be pushy. Go to meetups where you will find like-minded professionals and get the exposure you need. You can use popular websites like

Referrals are the best way to get an opportunity for job interviews in any organisation. If your network can provide you with referrals, it will be of great help to you move forward to reach your dream job.

  • 4.       Be brave and quit the job that is not working

If you ever find yourself in a position that you are unsatisfied, you should step away from it. No doubt there is fear of not knowing what will happen in the future, but wasting your time is not going to help you. You must be brave enough to venture out of that zone and pursue a career that will define you.

A problem will not be solved by complaining, “I can’t get no satisfaction”. Take a step ahead in your career and find the way out of the rut. Take a leap of faith and into the hands of destiny, for you know that you are going to get depressed in the current job. And depression is a hugely negative feeling.

  • 5.       Start applying and prepare for the job

Well, you won’t get a job you love by doing nothing. You have to start searching for such opportunities and apply. There are a lot of job sites that offers such job opportunities. Try your luck there.

Most important of all, get your skills updated and prepare for interviews. If you are looking to change your profile, you will have to be perfect in that field. Loving a job does not necessarily mean that you have all the skills required for it. Also, remember to modify your resume according to the profile you are looking for.

A New Start

When your passions meet the perfect job opportunity, you will feel refreshed and know that there is nothing holding you back. Success will be on your footsteps. Always do what you love and love what you do.

Author Bio

Hasib is a professional writer working with the job portal – and often writes articles related to career and education. He is an avid reader and lives for two things – football and food. If he is not involved in any of those,you can find him contemplating existential issues. Follow him @ twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

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Your first job as a graduate is likely to be the most enthralling experience of your life as you get exposed to aspects of your life that you never even knew existed. While you may possess a magnanimous amount of knowledge and skills to take on the job that a company of firm is offering, the chances are extremely slim if you do not make the right first impression. Graduate schemes can play a pivotal role in this as you get to experience hands-on, the actual work environment beforehand.  Since it is your first interview, minor errors are bound to happen and you may not even realize it in the process. It is a common phenomenon for graduate students who are freshly out of college, to get advice from loved ones about their first interview. A majority of these people will ask you to focus on the bigger picture and let your employers know of your achievements and skills. Although employers are on the lookout for these qualifications, they are also looking for individuals who will be socially sound and have a warm and welcoming personality. To make sure that you fulfil these criteria, you ought to follow some simple tips that are mentioned below.

Top tips to present yourself when going for the first job interview right after college.

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