How to Apply for a Volunteer Job

Are you passionate about volunteering? Are you planning to start a career in volunteering? If yes, then you should start sending applications to volunteer organizations. As a volunteering aspirant and as a fresher, I found it very tough to bag a volunteering position to India. This is because; most organizations prefer to hire experienced people.


So, I started volunteering for local organizations.  This helped me gather some experience in the field I liked. You can use certificates from local volunteering organizations as a proof of your experience in the field. For instance, you can work in an old age home, an orphanage and other similar centres.

If you have worked in more than one field, you must have realized which field attracts you the most. However, as a volunteer you might have to do any activity if need comes. But, you can state your specializations on your resume while applying for volunteering programmes in India.

Here are some tips from my personal experience.

# Do a thorough research  

Search on the Internet to learn in details about the volunteer organization of your choice. You will come across several organizations that claim to be honest and authentic. But, on further research you will realize that many of them are fake organizations and might not even exist.

Some organizations offer customized services to their aspirants. But, you might only end up paying loads in the hope of getting customized services.

# Address a particular person

Are you really eager to become a volunteer? In that case you should send the application to a particular person. Now, this particular person should be responsible for recruitment and hiring. Do not send the application to no one in particular. If you have to do some research about the organizational hierarchy, so be it. At least you will be able to convey your ardent desire to the person concerned.

# Research is indeed important

Research will not just help you to assess the authenticity of the organization. It will also assist you in understanding the specializations of the organization. To obtain best results, insert qualities in your resume that match specialization of the enterprise.

If you have already done volunteer work in a particular field, mention that in your resume.

# Make yourself clear to the recruiters

When writing the application, you should mention why you want to volunteer abroad. Organizations want to know this because they want to be sure that you have the required passion and ability to volunteer abroad. Make sure that you mention how your goals culminate with the objectives of the volunteer organization.

# Mention your qualities

Why do you think a volunteer organization will hire you? No, only passion cannot take you to the realm of your dreams. You need to possess the required abilities. Your application should mention what all you can do.

# Attach your resume with the application

If you attach your resume with the application, the recruiter will be able to learn about your qualification. She or she will also understand how professional you are. Display your professionalism to get hired quickly.

# Follow up with a phone call

After sending the application, why don’t you follow up with a phone call? Call them up and ask about the status of the position for which you have applied. This will show the organization that you are interested for the position. However, it is better not to get too pushy. You don’t want to annoy the recruiters. Do you?

# Pay a visit prior to the interview

If you are applying to a popular and large organization they might have offices in different parts of the city. Sometimes, these organizations consolidate the recruitment process of all offices in the main office. It is better to visit the main office before the interview date. You don’t want to be late for you interview, right?

# Speak convincingly

On your interview, you should try to convince the interviewer about your abilities and your experiences. Speak with full conviction, so that the interviewer hires you.

# Cooperate during the verification process

State phone numbers of people you know, as references. Be ready for a background check after your interview is over. Do not feel intimated by this approach of the volunteer organization. They do it to protect you and the other volunteers who are going to work with you. International volunteering involves sending individuals abroad. Therefore, organizations want to make sure that the individuals they are working with are not convicts.

They should also know; if you are suffering from asthma, heart disease or any other type of health problems. In case you suffer from asthma, the organization may think twice before sending you to a cold or arid region.

These steps will help you get a role in one of the many volunteer programs in India. Try them out and you will definitely be able to bag a volunteering position in India. Do not forget to enlighten us about your experience once you crack the interview. All the best!

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