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Worthless Degrees and Unemployment: The Prevalent Situation of Aspiring Engineers in India

Qualified but unemployed – Most of the aspiring engineers in India can relate to this phrase as this is their prevailing situation in the country! For the students in India, Engineering – either B.E. or B.Tech Engineering – is among the most sought-after graduation path for a bright career in future – the lucrative salary package is what lures them into taking this decision.

In reality, a majority of the engineering graduates have no other option than remaining unemployed or taking up jobs that come their way in non-engineering fields. Such people, who fail to get the right jobs, keep changing their field often and even enrol in extra courses to qualify themselves to meet the market demand. So, what they have in hand when they complete their Engineering is – a worthless degree and unemployment status.

#NewLaunch – What is expected to be included in the “One Airtel” plan?

Managing bills and deadlines is a constant struggle of modern life. While many customers struggle with missed payments and various reminders most of us have accepted it as a part and parcel of life. Whether you are managing a DTH account which has to be recharged every month or a postpaid account which generates a bill periodically, you have to admit that it would have been much more convenient to just get one bill for all accounts that you have and take care of that on a monthly basis.

There is good news around the corners as the rumored “One Airtel” plan from the telecom giant Airtel is rumored to be launched soon. Media sources claim that the plan will provide relief to customers who avail various Airtel services such as Airtel Broadband, Airtel postpaid and Airtel DTH accounts but have to pay for them separately. While there are no announcements from the Airtel yet, experts believe that it will soon be.

COVID-19 Outbreak: How the Pandemic has affected the Businesses Globally

The coronavirus outbreak continues to evolve globally, and over 200 nations are fighting with COVID-19 presently. As of 6 April, 1,285,262 cases and over 70,000 deaths have already been reported due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The widespread uncontrolled transmission of coronavirus has already affected the lives of individuals worldwide. With the rapid spread of the deadly virus worldwide, the fear and panic amongst the people are spreading even faster, and every industry is getting affected due to this outbreak.

How to Boost Your Immunity? – Check Out Best Scientifically Proven Ways

The bad news is that there is no magic that will ‘boost’ our immunity against coronavirus within a day or two. So, keeping your body healthy with these tips may help to keep your immune system strong.

How to Boost Your Immunity

Airtel Recharge Plans Below 100/- to Fit All Pockets

The well-acclaimed telecommunication brand, Airtel, is known for its uninterrupted services of pre-paid, postpaid and DTH services. As a customer, you will never be disappointed with the range of plans Airtel offers no matter how tight your budget is.

Explore These Top 5 Tools for Broadband Speed Test

Internet Service Providers make the claim of high-speed internet, uninterrupted browsing to attract customers, but when it comes to usage they are proved wrong with the difference in the speeds they advertised and the one you are getting. As we have inspection departments in various necessary fields, likewise we do have the same when it comes to testing the internet broadband connection speed.

Explore the 6 Great Features of Airtel HD DTH New Connection

dth hd new connectionIn India, television is a very important part of everyday life. From cricket matches that are telecasted live to the daily soaps that are followed by entire households and even movies have a great viewership.