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Four Types of Jewelry You Should Buy at Online Auctions

The life of a jewelry lover is so much fun- no matter what your jewelry preferences and budget are there is so much you can wear. But buying jewelry, especially if you’re into gold and precious gems, can be somewhat of a hassle. You have to choose designs, find the best prices, determine authenticity and do so much more. With London Gallery Auctions, you can buy exquisite designs at great prices from the comfort of your home. To find out more on how to order jewelry and what kind of pieces we specialize in, read on.

Our auctions feature a wide range of jewelry designs, but there are some that we (and our clients) love the most.

Cocktail Rings

We are huge fans of cocktail rings, and so our most jewelry fans, because they are such a great way to make a statement. With a cocktail ring, you can wear a simple dress and minimal jewelry and still look great. Almost all of our auctions feature multiple cocktail rings you can choose from. Head to our upcoming auctions page to find what cocktail rings we will be auctioning this month.

Diamond Jewelry

We love all kinds of gems and stones, but diamonds are definitely our best friends. From huge statement necklaces to delicate earrings, we have it all when it comes to diamonds. What you will like best depends on your taste, what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. At our luxury auction on March 1, we are auctioning a sparkling Diamond Star Pendant and Lace Link Chain Necklace Set bids for which start at $300. We have a variety of diamond pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings, and bids start at great prices for all.

Vintage/Vintage-style Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is jewelry that was crafted twenty or more years ago. What we love best about vintage jewelry is that buying a vintage item means you are getting the best possible as far as quality is concerned. For a piece to survive over twenty years, it has to be well built. Not only is vintage jewelry a great investment, but it’s also an item that is likely to last a very long time so be careful when choosing what you’re going to buy.

Engagement Rings

A proposal is never complete without a ring and that is why we love auctioning engagement rings that signify your love for your better half.

Our pick for a must have engagement ring this season is an enchanting Radiant Diamond Two Tone Gold Engagement Ring that is set to go live on auction on 1st March 2020. This gorgeous ring features a radiant shaped diamond surrounded by forty-five round brilliant cut diamond sides- we just can’t take our eyes off it and neither will you be able to.

3 App Marketing Trends to Go Mainstream in 2016

In today’s time, both Apple and Google Play store together feature more than 2 million apps; this number is growing exponentially every year. About 500-3000 apps are launched into the app stores every day. If you want to acquire a large number of loyal users for your app, strategic app marketing is a necessity.

app marketing process

Creative app marketing helps you make your app stand out and earn success in terms of popularity, user acquisition and revenue generation.  While it is just a beginning of 2020, I thought it’s perfect time to some most promising app marketing practices that are anticipated to dominate in the current year.

5 Fastest Bikes in the world

If bike riding is your passion, and you are an ardent motorcycle rider or aficionado, then you might have heard of some of the hot selling motorbike models. You might even be craving to possess one and feel the rise of your adrenaline when you’re on highest speed while riding a motorcycle. To all the boys and men out there! You will surely be impressed after reading this post if you love the speed of the bikes.

Are You Ready to Know About 5 Fastest Bikes in The World 2020 ?

Here goes the list:

Ducati 1098s: 169 mph -271 km/h ( Official Website : )

Ducati 1098s bike picture

This fast motorbike is the innovation of Ducati from Italy. It uses L-Twin cylinder engine with 4 valver for each cylinder with liquid cooled. At its highest speed, it can reach at 169 mph (271 km/h) while the power it can reach 119.3 KW (160.0 bph) @ 9750 rpm. Ducati 1098s uses 6 speed chain transmissions.

How to Control Heavy Hair Fall

Have you ever thought why we suffer from hair fall even if we care for them a lot? There are many other hidden reasons behind the same, not only for women but in some or the other way, men also suffer from this problem.

Reasons Behind Heavy Hair Fall

With the usage of hair products like gels, colors, conditioners, sprays, etc the hair life decreases ,which can cause stopping of the hair growth .Ill treating the hair by not combing it properly, changing hair partings frequently, using straighteners, curlers regularly are also some of the reasons for heavy hair falls.

Reasons Behind Heavy Hair Fall

5 Easy Ways to Spot a Volunteer Organization while you are in India

Are you working or studying in India? Do you want to volunteer in the country? Whether you are working or studying in India, you can indulge in volunteering activities in the host country. But, mark my words; you need to do some serious research. Yes, you have been in the country for sometime and you know which bus travels to which route. But, do you know where to find a volunteer organization?

There are two ways to volunteer in India.

  • You can start volunteering while you are working or studying.
  • You can also volunteer after your course or your project is over.

volunteer in India

7 Tools and Plugins for Increasing Conversion for E-Commerce Site

E-Commerce websites are developed with an aim to generate more leads. And this is done by converting visitors into potential customers. But to accomplish this goal, you need to test your site, do a lot of research and find out what works best that will help you increase conversion for your eCommerce website.

However, it’s quite difficult for merchants or eCommerce site owners to perform such tasks as it requires proper technical assistance. But for the merchants that have WordPress websites, can use robust tools and plugins that will simplify difficult and time-consuming tasks.

To make your work easier, we collected the seven most essential tools and plugins that will definitely increase the conversion rates of your ecommerce website in a matter of few minutes.

Let’s begin!

A/B Testing Plugins

1.      Optimizely [Link:]


How to Use Bluetooth Speakers?

Smartphones have almost replaced the normal phones due to added convenience and technological excellence. The acceptance towards technologically advanced devices is increasing as people look for the best features from their new gadgets. The selection of these gadgets is mainly carried out on the basis of performance, design, output, convenience, and price.

Bluetooth speakers

Open Source Technology Trend in 2016

When it comes to modern computing, Open source technologies will play a pivotal role in 2020, in IT infrastructure and in application development, to be specific. Open source software will be in software portfolios mission within 99% of 1000 enterprises round the globe. So it is very important to balance both reward and the risk.

opensource web development

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about SEO

Keep in mind the age old adage; keep your friends close but, your competitors closer? In the world of online promotion and SEO, there is no one nearer to you in search rankings than your competitors. So why do business’ often ignore this phase and jump right to developing strategy?  There is a prosperity of details and aggressive advantage that can be obtained from discovering and examining your competitors.

When it comes to a thorough organic and affordable Search Engine Optimization services, seeking out what your opponents are doing right (and what they’re doing wrong) will help guide you on your way to SEO achievements.

Competitors Can Teach You about SEO

5 Accessories that Make It Easy to Serve Dinner

Dining area is one of the most important sections of your home and should never look boring. A dining table is usually one of the most vibrant and colorful areas in the house because of the different colors of fruits, veggies and other accessories that decorate the table. In today’s busy lifestyle, the only time that families get to spend some time together is on the dining table which makes it even more special.

Given the importance of this section, it should be turned into a visual delight. Like natural factors affect your dining choice, so do the accessories that are laid on and around the dining table. While some come in handy during meals, others may just be present to give an aesthetic feel to the whole affair. Choosing the right accessories for your dining area also reflects on your personality. If your dining area appears drab and lonely, hardly anyone would like to enjoy a meal there. So pep up your dining space with nice accessories and give it a new look!

Some of the accessories that can bring great transformation to your dining area are listed below:

1. Napkins and Towels

These are very essential in the dining space. To keep you safe from spoiling your clothes while eating and keeping the area around you neat and tidy, keep a handful of towels and napkins on the table. They come in handy at all times and can be kept in many creative ways that will look lovely on the dining table.

Napkins and Towels