7 Tools and Plugins for Increasing Conversion for E-Commerce Site

E-Commerce websites are developed with an aim to generate more leads. And this is done by converting visitors into potential customers. But to accomplish this goal, you need to test your site, do a lot of research and find out what works best that will help you increase conversion for your eCommerce website.

However, it’s quite difficult for merchants or eCommerce site owners to perform such tasks as it requires proper technical assistance. But for the merchants that have WordPress websites, can use robust tools and plugins that will simplify difficult and time-consuming tasks.

To make your work easier, we collected the seven most essential tools and plugins that will definitely increase the conversion rates of your ecommerce website in a matter of few minutes.

Let’s begin!

A/B Testing Plugins

1.      Optimizely [Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/optimizely/]


Optimizely is a user-friendly A/B split testing tool for WordPress. It is used to improve the usability, accessibility and productivity of your site.

It includes a super-easy visual interface that will help you develop an enhanced WordPress site for your visitors, without any coding or programming knowledge.

After creating an account at Optimizely.com, you can easily enter your Optimizely project code in its configuration page and you are ready to test your website. You can use this plugin to increase your revenue instantly by converting your potential visitors into customers.

2.      Simple Page Tester (Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-page-tester/)     

Simple Page Tester

Simple Page Tester allows website owners to run A/B test, without even generating or editing a single line of code. Plus, it is an SEO –optimized plugin, so you don’t need to worry about your Search Engine ranking.

With this tool, you can test your website more effectively and efficiently. It comes with a free as well as the premium version that you can choose as per your requirement. However, the premium version offers more flexibility and advanced features when it comes to testing a fully-functional online store. So, you can go with the premium version of Simple Page Tester.

Product Page Plugin

  1. Cloud Zoom WooCommerce Extension [Link: https://www.woothemes.com/products/cloud-zoom/]

Cloud Zoom WooCommerce Extension

This is an amazing Product page plugin used by thousands of popular eCommerce sites to showcase high-quality product’s images to their potential visitors. It adds a great functionality into your WooCommerce site, without any coding.

The Cloud Zoom plugin allows your visitors to zoom in on your main product’s image by hovering the mouse over it. They can take the mouse over your product to see more details about your products right on your product page.

This gives an incredible user-experience to your web customers that in turn increase your conversion rates and you will generate more sales.

Customer Feedback tool

4.      Olark Chat [Link: https://www.olark.com/]


By integrating a powerful customer feedback system, you can allow your visitors to ask their queries directly from you. With the use of Olark live Chat, you can communicate directly with your customers and give them a rich shopping experience over your site.

Plus, it provides the detailed insight reports, so that you can keep a track of your potential web customers. You can also set rules to interact only with the web customers who visit a specific page or perform specific behaviors.

To an addition, Olark chat comes with a variety of customization options so you can tweak the design, color, and font size of your chat box. Choose from multiple themes or edit everything by using optional custom CSS. It’s completely your decision!

Personalized plugin

5.      WP GeoIP Country Redirect [Link: http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-geoip-country-redirect/3589163]

WP GeoIP Country Redirect

When you have customers from different countries with different currencies and, of course, different languages, then it become important for you to direct them to the specific pages to reduce bounce rates.

WordPress GeoIP Country Redirect is a premium WP plugin for e-commerce websites. It automatically redirects your potential visitors based on their country and a set of rules that you can mention into your WP admin panel.

In simple words, WP GeoIP Country Redirect plugin automatically detects the visitor’s country and redirect them to a particular page of your desire. With this tool, you can improve your website’s conversion rates and helps you in converting international visitors into your customers.

6.      WooCommerce Points and Rewards [Link: https://www.woothemes.com/products/woocommerce-points-and-rewards/]

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Getting a previous customer to order again is more convenient than gathering new customers. By integrating a robust loyalty program like WooCommerce Points and Rewards will help you generate more leads and also increases your sale.

You can use this plugin to reward your customers for purchases and various other actions with points that can be redeemed for discounts. You can also set how many points can be redeemed for a particular discount amount.

Security Plugins/Tools

7.      McAfee Secure [Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mcafee-secure/]


Security plays a crucial role in ecommerce websites. Being an e-commerce website owner, it’s your prime responsibility to provide your customers a safe and secure online shopping experience. Show your customers that their sensitive information is completely safe. And you can do this by embedding a robust web security safeguards such as McAfee Secure into your website.

With the McAfee Secure tool, you can scan your site for the malicious threats and security vulnerabilities. You can integrate this tool to ensure that your customer’s information is safe, which will certainly increase your conversions.

Try to encourage your visitors by offering them the discounts and reward points. This will influence other people to buy products from your site, which in turn boost your site’s conversions and increase your sales.


All the plugins mentioned in this blog post will certainly increase the conversions of your ecommerce site and help you convert visitors into potential customers and shoppers, without much effort.

Author Bio: Lucy Barret is an experienced WordPress developer working at HireWPGeeks Ltd. and handling PSD to Responsive WordPress theme conversion projects. She is also a passionate blogger and always in search for sites for writing guest post articles.

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