software definition

Software Definition

Software is a set of instructions that are needed to exploit the hardware in a useful manner for given set of task. This is something that cannot be touched ir seen but is essential for working. Without software a computer is like a car without petrol or pen without ink. Software can be of following two basic types:

System Software

It is used to control mange and work with the hardware of the computer or to convert instructions written in a high level language to machine language. It is classified as following:

Programming languages: The communication between two parties whether they are machines or human being always needs a common language. The language used in the communication of computer instructions is known as the programming language. Three levels of programming languages are available. There are machine language, assembly language and high level language.

Operating system: These programs are used to govern the control of the computer hardware components such as processor, memory device and input or output devices. The operating system of a computer is one of the main factor which contribute to its capacity.

Translator: They are used to translate any program into machine language. It can be of three types like assembler, interpreter and compiler.

Application Software

It consists of the programs written by the user for specific purpose such as billing, accounting, payroll, etc. It is developed by the professional. Most application programs can only work if used in conjunction with the appropriate system programs. Application software is classified into the following:

Application program: Application programs are user written programs to perform certain specified jobs. Many such application programs have been make commercially available under the name of program packages.

Pre-Packaged Application Software: The personal computer brought computing power to the individual user. Using their personal computer, users could now fulfill their own information needs and perform analysis. Previously that was not possible. Pre-packaged software is generally classified into four categories to help user to identify commercially sofd products . The four categories represent software written for the areas of games, home, education and business.

Application Package: These are similar in concept to utility programs except that application packages are generalized programs for solving business problems as opposed as opposed to programs for carrying out computer system tasks.

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