How To Play Football

How To Play Football

Football is very popular and famous game in the whole world. It is believed that the beginning of the game came from England. But it also says that the Greeks of Sparta a matching game from football played since 500 BC named Harpaston.

In India, the Indians began play in 1840. Indian Football Association was founded in 1878. Since then the sport became popular in our country. The Federation International de Football Association is known as FIFA. It was founded in 1904. This organization had started to control international football torments.

Now we are sharing some useful keywords of football that will help you to learn how to play football:

The play Ground of football: The Play Ground is in rectangular shape. Its length should be from 100 to 120 yards or 100 to 110 meters and the width should be 70 to 80 yard or 64 to 75 meters. This ground is highlighted from maximum 5 inches wide lines.

Goal: There is a goal of 7.32 m long and 2.44 m wide between both ranges of lines.

Ball: It should be of lather, synthetic or any material that accepted by FIFA. It’s weight should be from 396 to 453 grams.

Dress: The players wear T-shirt, jersey, Knickers, socks, canvas or leather shoes when match play. Both teams wear different color dresses and the goal keeper can wear cloves.

Team: Eleven players play in each team and 5 additional players should be there. Only 3 players can play on the place of other players in a match. Seven players must be play in a team.

Time Period: There is 2 half time from 45 minutes in a match and after half match there should be an interval of 10 minutes that can increase by match referee.

Rules: During the match no one player can not touch the football from his hand but he can stop the ball from any other part of the body that can help to pass the ball to other players and also can goal. Only goal keeper can use his hand in penalty area.