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5 Ways You Can Find a Job that You Love

I have often come across people who complain about their job and what they would do to get a job they love. At first it looks like that the concept of a ‘job that I love’ is only a fictional part of the professional world.

To a majority of the working professionals, the experience of their working life feels to be coming right out of a dystopian novel. The daily monotonous 9-to-5 job saps their source of inspiration and they find themselves stuck in the hamster wheel.

Job satisfaction is something that is not easy to come by, if you consider the average professional who are in the job for more than two years. Is doing a job you love really important? Would you leave your current job which pays your bill and helps you to lead a good life, and take a risk by doing something you love but that doesn’t pay well?

But if you look it at this way, you will be working nine hours a day, 40 hours a week, which is more than 70,000 hours in your lifetime in a job that you never loved. And this speaks volumes of time being wasted (more than 25% of your life).

So, it is a good reason for you to get a job that you love. But to find one needs a lot of perseverance and patience. Here are a few tips that will help you to find a job that you love.

1.       Know about your job preference

The first step to getting a job you love is to understand which job is perfect for you. Most of the times, I have seen people taking jobs just because of the money that is present in that field of work or there is respect. After two to three years they realise that they are stuck in the wrong job and it had been a great mistake to join without thinking.

There are a lot of personality tests that will help you to determine what kind of career course suits you; in short, where you will be happy and successful at the same time. If you know better about yourself it makes it easier to get towards your job satisfaction. You will find yourself adjusted with a job that matches your level of skills and knowledge.

  • 2.       Look before you leap

Sometimes it is not the job that is the reason for your ‘job satisfaction’. It also depends on the company you will be working. Every company has its core values and working style that you need to be accustomed with. Though you might get a position that matches with your passion and skills, you will feel that the company is not offering you with the exposure and environment that makes you comfortable.

Before joining a company, full-time or internship, do an informational check to know more about the company. You can talk with a friends or common connection who is working there and get a clear picture about the company and their way of working. Learn if they provide the right environment for personal growth.

  • 3.       Create a strong network of like-minded professionals

Knowing the career you will be satisfied with is easy, but it is not easy to actually find an opportunity. In such cases, having a strong network of people working in that field will be your greatest asset and assist you in getting any opportunity related to that field.

There are various groups in social media networks which will help you to learn about news related to your choice of career. LinkedIn is one such network which will help you to get in touch with people who can help you to find any job opportunity in the field you are looking. You can contact such people, but remember not to be pushy. Go to meetups where you will find like-minded professionals and get the exposure you need. You can use popular websites like

Referrals are the best way to get an opportunity for job interviews in any organisation. If your network can provide you with referrals, it will be of great help to you move forward to reach your dream job.

  • 4.       Be brave and quit the job that is not working

If you ever find yourself in a position that you are unsatisfied, you should step away from it. No doubt there is fear of not knowing what will happen in the future, but wasting your time is not going to help you. You must be brave enough to venture out of that zone and pursue a career that will define you.

A problem will not be solved by complaining, “I can’t get no satisfaction”. Take a step ahead in your career and find the way out of the rut. Take a leap of faith and into the hands of destiny, for you know that you are going to get depressed in the current job. And depression is a hugely negative feeling.

  • 5.       Start applying and prepare for the job

Well, you won’t get a job you love by doing nothing. You have to start searching for such opportunities and apply. There are a lot of job sites that offers such job opportunities. Try your luck there.

Most important of all, get your skills updated and prepare for interviews. If you are looking to change your profile, you will have to be perfect in that field. Loving a job does not necessarily mean that you have all the skills required for it. Also, remember to modify your resume according to the profile you are looking for.

A New Start

When your passions meet the perfect job opportunity, you will feel refreshed and know that there is nothing holding you back. Success will be on your footsteps. Always do what you love and love what you do.

Author Bio

Hasib is a professional writer working with the job portal – and often writes articles related to career and education. He is an avid reader and lives for two things – football and food. If he is not involved in any of those,you can find him contemplating existential issues. Follow him @ twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

Treatise on Education

It is a tragedy that inspite of the ample advances that mankind has made in various fields, education today is not nurturing outstanding individuals and personalities. It is not sad and unfortunate to think that the largest democracy in the world has the largest no of people who cannot read and write even after years of independence?


The USA has emerged s the world super power. It has the greatest contempt for the UNO and world opinion. Emerging, as the epitome of what is wrong with the world today, the USA is humbled by a band of anarchists. Over-production of things not really needed, over-consumption of resources, over-emphasis on material welfare and contempt and over-neglect to the spiritual values of mankind has made the USA the embodiment of progress and power.

Today, every nation apes the USA. We teach our students to be resourceful and competitive. Our education system is producing fiercely competitive and ruthlessly efficient functionaries of the society- doctors, engineers, accountants, lawyers and so on bereft of the noble human values; whose acid test of success is the amount of power they can wield and the amount of riches they can amass in the shortest possible time, unmindful of the means and methods and the enormous damage it can cause to the social fabric of our disparate society.

We teach our students to be insensitive and in different to the socio-economic environment, in which they live and breathe, to be in conflict with nature and its creations and to conquer and control it rather than live with it in harmony and peace.

No system of education that ignores the spiritual formation of students can survive the test of time. The young generation must be trained how to think and feel and to be compassionate with the fellow beings. Knowledge and information should be aimed at serving and improving the society. Intellectual acumen must be complimented by moral passion. It is deplorable that today the educated class is marked by self-aggrandisement and the reluctance to take an objective stand on common causes.

Are we concerned about the human being in our children? While we are greatly concerned about how fast and well they can solve mathematical problems, recite poetry and acquire the latest in general knowledge and information technology shouldn’t we think of what kind of people our children are becoming? We no longer care about wisdom and talk only of knowledge.

The word is at turning point at this time. No miracle can save the world today from the catastrophe that is looming large in the horizon. Unparallel concept of cosmopolitanism should be eradicated at the earliest. Man lives in an era of greedy, anxiety and sheer materialistic confusion.

There is no asylum on the shores of time, which the waves will not wash away; no passage way here, which the foot of frustration will not trampled; no paradise here which distress will not invade and, no society can forever suffer spiritual stimulation and starvation.

Education should recognize the dignity and equality of all, irrespective of discrimination whatsoever. Aiming at the holistic development of the man should be the ultimate aim of education.

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5 Little-Known Factors That Can Affect Your Website Design

Launching a new site is usually seen as one of the simplest ways to find new prospects. However, just having a website does not essentially mean that you will get an avalanche of new customers. Unfortunately, just owning a simple, ordinary website isn’t going to solve the purpose. There are additional practices responsible for increasing the value of your online business, and website design is one of them. Website design has seen many changes in the last few years. There are certain factors that determine how we design a website.

5 Little-Known Factors That Can Affect Your Website Design

Top 5 Benefits of Responsive Website

The Responsive website are having numerous benefits. Imagine a website with responsive web design that suitable for every screen size, whether it’s a tablet, iPhone or a PC Desktop. Mobile Internet usage is expected to overtake completely the desktop browsing as early as 2020, which means that now more than ever, it’s important that your website is optimized for mobile devices.

Responsive Website company

The Spectacular Islands Of Madagascar

Madagascar is officially called as Republic of Madagascar is the island country that is present in Indian Ocean in coast of Southeast Africa. There are many smaller peripheral islands present in the Madagascar and it is fourth largest island present in the world. There is a heavy prehistoric breakup in the Gondwana supercontinent and Madagascar is split with the Indian peninsula for more than 88 million years ago. Madagascar is the most important biodiversity hotspot with the wildlife of 90% found on Earth. The ecosystem of the island is diverse with the growing human population. Some of the most famous islands of Madagascar are listed here:

Glorioso Islands:

The Glorioso Islands or Glorieuses Islands are French islands that have 5 square kilometers in northern Mozambique channel and it is about 160 kilometres in northwest of Madagascar. The Glorieuses also have the Exclusive Economic Zone with the 48,350 square kilometers. The island has the anchorages offshore with the long airstrip. The archipelago has two islands called Grande Glorieuse and Île du Lys. The islands are thickly vegetated that have the main coconut plantation as well as casuarina trees.

Glorioso Islands image

Quick Beauty Tips For Everyday Glowing Skin!

Quick Beauty Tips For Everyday Glowing Skin!

Raiding all over the place to get your hands on some serious at-home skin game that upshot a flawless and glowing skin? You’ve stumbled upon to the right place. Check out these quick beauty tips and homemade remedies — which we think following the ethos of harmless and healthy beauty tips – no strong chemicals, easily available ingredients, simple-and-quick to find ingredients and more natural skin care products.

#1 Moisturize 

Soft skin and keeping it supple is constantly on your mind? Then moisturize your skin, because this tip has an odds-on-favorite chance in giving you a beautiful skin. Apply a good moisturizer twice a day after washing your face. Check out the best moisturizer that suits your face at India’s leading online beauty store – Nykaa. For natural ingredients and health care products, you can always count on Healthkart because they bring to you the best of the best products at affordable prices. Check out Healthkart promo code discounts available at GrabOn.

#2 Exfoliate 

Wish to slough those dead skin cells from your face and unleash that gleaming skin? Exfoliate your skin with the right cream twice a week. For oily or acne-prone skin, you may consider using the following products as scrubs to exfoliate your skin:

Lemon juice and salt scrub

Almonds and honey face scrub

#3 Facial massage 

Facial massage is no less to face masks. Facial massages help in making your skin oil free, glowing and acquiring a beautiful skin. Do facial massage a couple of times a week to help skin look its best. It helps in increasing blood circulation. These are some of the natural ingredients you may consider to give yourself a great natural facial massage:

Orange facial massage

Lemon & tomato mix

Potato facial massage

Use Kiwi as a cleanser


#4 Rejuvenate skin 

Curb dullness of the skin, aging and marks by using the right SPF every day. Clean your face with cold water, or splash cold water on your face every day morning so as to get a healthy looking skin. Usage of SPF will also help in preventing future wrinkles, dullness of skin.

#5 DIY tips

At-home facial mask: Mix half mashed papaya, 1 TBSP of honey and 2 TBSP of milk for a simple yet effective face mask that will for sure helps in regaining soft and nourishing skin

To get instant brightness, mix 1 TBSP of honey in 1 egg white. Allow this mix to stay on your face for 15 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.

Mix 1 TBSP sugar to 1/2 TBSP honey and 2 drops of lemon juice for a DIY exfoliator.

Author Bio

Sravanthi works at She is good at list making, writing and surfing the web. She believes that there’s really no such thing that is IMPOSSIBLE! You can find her writings on GrabOn blog and various other blogs and websites.



4 Amazing Techniques for Finding Your Own Sweetheart Back Again

Nobody ever said relationship was easy. But getting left? That’s the hardest part of all. The pain… the rejection… a feeling associated with hopelessness… it’s overwhelming as you would expect. However let’s say we would tell you that these things tend to be what’s stopping you against fixing your relationship with your ex girlfriend?

Amazing Techniques

It’s all too easy to fixate on the negative after your ex breaks or cracks track of you. For much unusual cause, it is human nature to wish in order to wallow in self-pity. It can be simply because feeling sorry for you feel good in certain little method. Just obtaining individuals emotions away, even going to you, is nearly healing.

10 reasons learning Big Data Technology will be Highly Rewarding

Three year ago the whole internet was estimated to contain 500 exabytes which is 5 billion gigabytes and now it is estimated that by 2020 a staggering 40 zettabytes of data will be there on the internet.  500 exabytes or 5 billion gigabytes is half of 1 zettabyte and from the above mentioned prediction we can conclude that the amount of data is growing exponentially every passing day.

10 Reasons Why You Need Website Maintenance
Those who can capitalize on this huge volume of data known as Big Data will have competitive edge over others. Following are the 10 reasons you must learn big data technology for your advantage.

How to Start Facebook AD Campaign?

Are you wondering how your peers are using social media? Just find out which social network marketers mostly plan on investing in. You must also look for how much time marketers usually spend on social media and much more.

As with the majority of pay-per-click campaigns, businesses fix a budget for how much they are interested to spend over a fixed period. Prices run the length, but on average, each click can cost less than $1, based on whom you are aiming.

Now for small businesses, Facebook is considered to be a logical place to do experiments with paid advertising without any hazardous investment of a lot of money and time. The social media giant provides an easy way for even the smallest firms to fast start a targeted ad campaign. This displays business content to Facebook users as they look through the site. As for instance, businesses can create ads to direct new fans to a Facebook page. It ascertains that more numbers of users can view some definite posts or send viewers to their E-commerce Templates websites.

These campaigns are simpler to watch and observe than complex pay-per-click search engine marketing as they are in need of much less daily tinkering. They also are less expensive than conventional media ad buys. Performed properly, Facebook ads can drive fans to your page and viewers to your website — and most importantly, create new customers.

facebook ads banner

Can Teenagers Make use of Protein Supplements?

There do exist several reasons for the increasing popularity of protein supplements across the globe, right from muscle recovery after workouts, to medical reasons, for weight gain and weight loss diets. Teenagers can make use of protein supplements for similar reasons. However, the questions that arise in the minds of parents of teenagers are that are the replacements good for the young body, which is said to be still growing.

protein supplements India online shopping