10 reasons learning Big Data Technology will be Highly Rewarding

Three year ago the whole internet was estimated to contain 500 exabytes which is 5 billion gigabytes and now it is estimated that by 2020 a staggering 40 zettabytes of data will be there on the internet.  500 exabytes or 5 billion gigabytes is half of 1 zettabyte and from the above mentioned prediction we can conclude that the amount of data is growing exponentially every passing day.

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Those who can capitalize on this huge volume of data known as Big Data will have competitive edge over others. Following are the 10 reasons you must learn big data technology for your advantage.

1 Cost reduction

Big Data technology presents huge potential for big and small enterprises to cut down cost. The Big Data technology like Hadoop and cloud based analytics allow them to save a considerable amount of cost. If you are running your own business learning Big Data Technology will help you save on architecture cost big time.

2 Better Decision making

For example, you are running your ecommerce store and you have to decide which products to stock, which products to disband and what should be the price of the products at which your customers are more likely to buy. The above problem can be solved using big data analytics technology which will give you sharp data based insights to facilitate better decision making.

3 Better data management

The data is not only increasing in size but in formats as well. Those who are equipped with big data technology will have the ability to organize data in a more effective way and make sense from it.

4 Enhanced data security

Big Data technology helps in identifying threats in large volumes of data. As the volume of data is increasing all other technologies will start becoming obsolete in handling security of data, those with big data expertise can overcome the challenge of data security.

5 Website Customization

As more number of small businesses are now having their ecommerce store. As a business owner you can easily customize your website according to the preference of individual customer.  For example a customer who purchases electronics will receive offers related to all electronic items which will encourage him to buy.

6 Reduced maintenance cost

If you are stocking up your inventory and loosing due to not maintaining optimum inventory levels than big data technology can help you identify the exact amount of inventories you need to stock and when thereby minimizing the cost of maintenance.

7 Market research

The success for any business depends on how much they know their market. The understanding of potential customers and their behaviour is like hitting a gold mine for a business. Learning big data technology will give advanced market research capabilities to the users.

8 Earning potential

Big Data technology increases the earning potential of individual and companies. Individuals can find better paying job with the help of big data technology and organizations can increase their revenues with the help of big data analytics.

9 Business Opportunities

Big Data is now not limited to identifying customer behaviour but it is also used to identifying social issues pertaining to population of a region. As big data technology more and more business opportunities will be presented which can be grabbed by only those who have a working knowledge of the technology.

10 Job Opportunities

When job markets are shrinking worldwide there is upsurge in demand for Computer System Analyst with big data expertise.  The demand for Data Scientist who can research and analyze big data is increasing across organizations.

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