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8 Important Things Students Should Avoid During JEE Main Preparations

Joint Entrance is one of the toughest competitive exams in India. Every year thousands of students from all over the country appear for this exam. It is getting increasingly tougher to crack JEE sue to increase in competition. However, with proper preparation, good strategy, and planning, it can be cracked.

If you are one of those who is preparing for the JEE, in that case, you need to take care of a few things. It goes without saying that you need to study hard and be at the top of your preparation. Whether it is Chemistry, Physics or Math; you need to make sure that you are well versed with all the subjects and topics. Never make the mistake of going for suggestion based preparation, because it’s not going to work. You need to be absolutely thorough with the entire syllabus

What Can You Learn by Taking a Project Management Training Course?

Attempting to run a project on your own without any knowledge about project management principles is going to be less than optimal.

By having the opportunity to learn different ways of thinking about projects along with the difficulties that arise and how to deal with them, virtually anyone can become a superior project manager.

Here are a few things that you can learn when completing a project management course.

10 Phd Dissertation Tips – How To Write Dissertation In The Shortest Possible Time

A PhD dissertation is one of the most important documents you will ever write in your academic studies. It is a project that allows a student to make a novel contribution to scientific knowledge, establish credentials as a scholar and prove your research and communication skills.

It is a huge undertaking which requires you to turn years of research into a single, coherent piece of work which you are proud to share. It is no wonder so many graduate students abandon their studies at this stage.

There’s hardly enough time to do everything when the deadline starts approaching and you need to work smartly to ace the project.

How To Write PhD Dissertation In The Shortest Possible Time

This article explores in details how you can write your PhD dissertation in the shortest time possible and deliver a winning paper.

Maharashtra SSC Social Science March 2019 Board Question Paper Leaked

Another Maharashtra 10th question paper was leaked in Bhivandi today. The question paper of Social Science was circulated on WhatsApp half an hour before the start of the exam. The incident has reported once again from Bhivandi. The matter has been reported to the police.

This happens when the Maharashtra board has already filed an official complaint against the alleged leak of three subjects prior to today. The prior incidents were also reported from Bhivandi in Thane district.

B Des Courses – The Right Specialization for You

Innovation, improvement, and initiation — these are enough to describe the fundamentals of design in every field. The career in designing itself is a new journey in itself. You learn, create and evolve new things that improve the sector.

How to Prepare for GMAT or GRE?

Although preparing for either GMAT or GRE appears a little tedious but isn’t an impossible task to accomplish.

As a management aspirant, you need to have some clarity of action and core focus and dedication to score high in either of the competitive exams.

2 Reasons WeatherTech Floor Liners Are Worth Your Money

Car maintenance is all about extending the life of your vehicle and its value. There are attendant costs in keeping it clean, safe, and in good working condition. One of the best ways to save on costs is to invest in car accessories/products that will remain useful in the long run. You’ve got Weathertech floor liners to provide floor protection and coverage well worth your money.


Why should you take our word for WeatherTech floor mat liners? There are myriad reasons, but you just need two to prove that buying a WeatherTech product is a wise financial move later on.


Why WeatherTech Mats Are a Good Investment


Is Diabetes One of The Main Causes of Glaucoma?

Diabetes is a type of condition that tends to double the risk of eye health. Patients may develop glaucoma over time with an increase in the eye fluid. When the pressure of the fluid damages the optic nerve and the retina, an individual loses their vision.

Glaucoma GP -

You may or may not get symptoms early. Many patients get no signs at all before being diagnosed with glaucoma. Some people may experience halos, blurry vision and coloured rings around lights. Whether glaucoma is treated with medications or surgery depends on the patient’s eye condition. If glaucoma does not show any signs of improvement even after using proper medications, laser surgery is the only best solution.

Can Diabetes Lead To Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a type of eye condition in which the intraocular pressure of the eye increases. It may happen to anyone, but people above the age of 40 are more at risk. Also, patients with diabetes (both Type I and II) are more susceptible to this condition. Studies have shown that most of the diabetic patients after a certain age develop glaucoma.

Diabetes and Glaucoma Types

The common types of glaucoma that may occur in people with diabetes are as follows:

Neovascular Glaucoma

This glaucoma is common in people with Type I diabetes. People who get diabetic retinopathy may get neovascular glaucoma. In this condition, blood vessels block the drainage passage of the eye and cause redness and ultimately, loss of vision.

To treat this glaucoma laser treatment is done, followed by certain medications. The procedures are done to stop the abnormal growth of blood vessels.

Open-angle Glaucoma

It is a type of glaucoma commonly found in patients with Type II diabetes. This glaucoma targets the optic nerve and if not treated properly may damage the optic nerve.

In this condition, the eye is unable to drain the fluid, and the fluid build-up increases the pressure and damages the optic nerve. This damage to the optic nerve may lead to complete vision loss.

Steroid-induced Glaucoma

It is the secondary open-angle glaucoma that occurs with the use of steroidal eye drops. Patients who have diabetes may get diabetic macular oedema that damages the retina. It causes the fluids to get accumulated in the retina that leads to vision loss.

Symptoms Of Diabetic Eyesight Issues

Some of the primary symptoms to identify glaucoma in diabetic patients are as follows:

  • Blurry, double, cloudy or hazy vision.
  • You may see halos and coloured rings around lights.
  • Your vision may have blank or dark spots.
  • Eyes may feel pressure and pain with or without redness.
  • Trouble in seeing straight lines or signs
  • Problem with corner vision and night vision

How To Prevent Glaucoma In Diabetic Patients?

The only way to prevent your eye from getting any eye disease is to control the sugar level. Diabetic patients need to follow the guidelines provided by the doctor and adopt a healthy lifestyle. If the sugar levels are more than usual and tend to fluctuate, it may damage the eye and the blood vessels in your eyes. For the best glaucoma treatment in Delhi, search for the well-known eye hospital near you.

Make sure you consult an ophthalmologist every year to check your condition if you have diabetes. It is essential to prevent any form of eye disease by doing comprehensive eye exams.

Also, be sure to consult the best eye doctor for your checkup. Only a trained ophthalmologist will be able to guide you with the most suitable treatment plan for eye health.

GMAT Exam 2019 – Tips On How To Prepare Before Exam

Graduate Management Admission Test, commonly known as GMAT, is one of the coveted entrance exams accepted across all B-Schools. This exam is conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admissions Council), and it is taken so as to earn an MBA or Masters in Management (MiM) degree from a leading business school in India or abroad.

To score 680 and above in the GMAT, one has to keep a smart approach towards solving the questions.  A high GPA can lead you to secure a seat in one of the top 10 business schools, about which all candidates dream of. Every year 200,000 + students take the GMAT exam across the globe, which makes the competition really tough for aspirants like you.