2 Reasons WeatherTech Floor Liners Are Worth Your Money

Car maintenance is all about extending the life of your vehicle and its value. There are attendant costs in keeping it clean, safe, and in good working condition. One of the best ways to save on costs is to invest in car accessories/products that will remain useful in the long run. You’ve got Weathertech floor liners to provide floor protection and coverage well worth your money.


Why should you take our word for WeatherTech floor mat liners? There are myriad reasons, but you just need two to prove that buying a WeatherTech product is a wise financial move later on.


Why WeatherTech Mats Are a Good Investment


Before anything else, there has been some confusion about floor mats and liners. These terms have been used interchangeably, but the two function differently. Car floor mats can be made of rubber or carpet material for basic protection. On the other hand, floor liners take this task to another level as they protect floors with a customized and secure fit.


WeatherTech combines the power of floor mats and liners to come up with its own floor mat liners. Check out why these floor mat liners make for a good investment for you and your car.


The Technology


When you buy WeatherTech floor liners, you take advantage of cutting-edge technology that enables these liners to deliver the two most important things behind your need for a car floor mat.


  1. The WeatherTech floor liners provide your carpet with all-around protection for the widest coverage possible. It is also made of materials that can withstand all-weather wear and tear that can affect your car’s resale value.


  1. Each floor liner produced by WeatherTech is designed for a custom fit to ensure that it doesn’t move, shift, bunch up, or pose a threat to the well-being of the driver and the passengers.


Perfect Fit


WeatherTech uses laser technology, so the liners take on the shape of the car section where they will be laid. The snug fit thus protects the carpet and your well-being, as noted below. This perfect, custom fit also keeps it out of footwells: an important safety consideration when you think of unintended acceleration and crashes caused by shifting or moving mats.


Wide Coverage


As Wirecutter notes, the floor liners come with lips around each side to contain liquids or spills. Their raised edges reinforced this purpose of capturing liquids from seeping into the carpet. More importantly, WeatherTech floor liners utilize channeling technology to keep the liquid out of your feet and into a lower reservoir. This is very convenient when you are driving.


The wide coverage and perfect fit provided by WeatherTech liners can be enjoyed by various car makes and models, custom-fitting at least 1,000 vehicles.


The Maintenance


Made of rubber, WeatherTech floor mat liners are easy to clean. The usual suspects, such as oil from your french fries, coffee, and mud, can be taken care of with a hose and a detergent.


Sugary or sugar-based foods are a special mention for being notoriously hard to remove. They don’t appear to stain, but they do oxidize and attract dirt if unremoved. WeatherTech mats are thus designed to remove these residues off easily.


In cleaning these rubberized mats, clean the spill or blot the stain without delay. To preserve the appearance of your WeatherTech mats after several washes, use products recommended by the manufacturer.



It pays to do your research when buying any product for your car, and WeatherTech has independent experts and consumers vouching that its floor mat liners are the best in the market today.

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