Business Factors

Business Factors

Business is an organization in commerce where products and services are buying and selling by professional’s activity. Business also known with name of firm and enterprise. We need cloths, food, and money to survive our life and we contact for these requirement from sellers or that business related person.

Here we are sharing some factors that effect a Business Environment:

1. Economy: Economic play a very important role in business. It helps to improve business level and employment. We can’t imagine a successful business without money.

2. Society: We all live in society and use the things that our society gives permission for those. So we can say that every business grown under the social effects and business professionals make only the things and services that used by society.

3. Politics: Government and politics effect a business. Government decides tax and other charges on the business and the changes and tax can be different according to business type.

4. Technology: A business has effected by Science and technology. Where a big number of people were needed to run a business successfully but now some machines are working on that place. Only some technician hired by business professionals to control the machines.

5. Research and Development : Today research and development are very helpful to run a business in this computational market. Every smart businessman working in side also to know people interest and update their business according to customer need.

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