Top Information Portals in India

SAGMART - An information portalThat time has gone now when people were worried about getting ideas from their seniors. Even on trying again and again they did not find the success. But now days, you do not have need to tour here and there to get the essential information because all these things are available on the internet. There are so many websites from where you can get the required information. Know about the top most information portals of India to get the required information without spending your precious time too much:

1. Just Dial:

Just dial is an Indian information website or a local search engine established in 1996 and headquartered in Mumbai, India. It provides all the essential information over web, phone calls and via SMS also. Here you can get all the details related to movies, restaurants, hotels, mobile phones, repairs, travels, electronics, jobs, security and many more. Now you do not have need to think about the things that you want to purchase because you may get the pre information about that particular from Just Dial.

2. Grotal:

Grotal is a search engine started about 2 years ago by Colonel Anil Khanna. Most of the search engines provide details based on many website crawling while Grotal gives you all the details either belongs to any website or not. You can search any require thing about book publishers, restaurants, education and many more.

Grotal has searching facility sort by city and Nation. If you are seeking a room on rent in different cities of India than visit its Tolet section by city name. Its classified section will provide you information about real estate, electronics, furniture, health and food.

3. Ask Laila:

Ask Laila is a multi utility Indian website containing four major sections named shopping, wine and dine local services and life style. In its shopping section you can get the details about shopping malls, kid clothes, footwears, furniture, home & décor, diamond jewellery etc. Now you can easily get the detailed address with contact number of any kind of shopping centre in India.

Under the wine & dine section of Ask Laila you can get the details about all kinds of restaurants, pubs, sweet shops and coffee corners.

The website is made with additional feature like all the details about movies & packers, tailors, cabs & taxies and many more. This site has true information about the gyms, yoga, art galleries etc. sorting by city and area.

4.  SAG Mart:

SAG Mart is a fastest growing All in One Information Portal of India where you can visit all the details about automobiles, mobiles, jewellery, fashions, electronics, garments and many more categories. Now all the information is just a one click away from you because SAG Mart will help you to provide all the essential information about any showroom, service centre, shop etc sort by its state and city.

Its upcoming section will give you the preview of the upcoming cars, bikes, mobiles and cameras. You can also get the previews of upcoming Bollywood and Hollywood movies and all read its reviews just after release. If you are a lover of computer games then SAG Mart will offer you news of upcoming PC games also. So don’t wait to visit this by clicking here .

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