Now day’s computers are being used at various places like reservation counters, shops and almost every section of life. While working on a computer there is a common way that is processed in computer and a particular output is receive.

This process has three phases:

1. Input: it can be provided by using keyboard, mouse or any other input device. 2. Processing: it is done by the processor, this is the main function that is required to complete any operation and produce result. 3. Output: It can be displayed on the screen or printer or on any other output device.

The question that strikes most are how does the computer know what step is to be followed to finish the task? The solution to this problem is that the computer is provided with a set of instructions which is used to complete the task. These set of instructions are called program.

Programming Language:

Language is a medium of communication. In our daily life we use some languages to communicate with the outside world. We always require some common languages while communicating with others. Programming language is used for writing programming code for the given set of problem. There are many high levels programming language being used like C, C++, JAVA and C# to write programs. Each language has its own advantages and disadvantages and its own style of working. Before deciding the type of language to be used, one has to analyze the problem and its solution.

Problem Solving Techniques:

We have to analyze the problem before writing the programming code. We will use few well reputed

Designing techniques which will help the students to learn the concept of programming. Problem solving techniques help to generate a systematic way in which we should proceed in order to develop a solution program.

The two most important PSTs are:

1. Pseudocode : It is a set of steps to be performed to solve a problem which is written in simple keywords. Once a pseudocode is ready it is very easy to generate a program.

2. Flow Charts: A Flow Chart is a graphical tool, consisting of a set of symbols. Each symbol represents a specific activity that clearly specifies the steps towards problem solving.

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