HCG Diet

HCG Diet

Health plays a very important role in our daily life. If you are a student then you can’t concentrate on your study, sports and other activity if you are not healthy. Now students become very smart, they participate in many creativity including quiz contest and mostly time the case of bad health vast your preparation for that activities and you didn’t get success.

Tips to Get Better Health:

1. Always wash your hands from soap or Dettol liquid.

2. Eat one apple daily in the morning.

3. Neglect spicy or junk foods.

4. Take bath twice daily in the morning and before sleeping.

5. Clean your teeth two times in a day morning and night.

6. Take breakfast, lunch and dinner on time.

7. Don’t take medicine without consult from doctor.

8. Take milk with honey and healthy powder like Brounvita and Holicks.

9. Badam is really very useful nut for students. Mostly students eat it in exam duration.

10. Take enough sleep till 6 to 8 hours.

Don’t change your doctor easily because every person is different from one another. Your family and permanent doctor understand your health requirement. If you will go with another doctor then he will start new experiment with your body and also spent your time and money.

Health is treasure of life and we never spent your life properly without it. So the tips are useful not only for student but also every human that want to live a healthy life. We always do check up from doctor time to time and get expert tips about your health. Always remember your health is very important so don’t take a risk with your life, be careful and be safe.

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