Why is My Hair Falling Out

Hair Loss

Hair Loss Problem

It is very important to be healthy hair. If you have long hair but they are falling then beauty of the hair is not beneficial. Hair trimming in every two or three months is compulsory to have healthy hair. Hair can be healthy only that time when we have strong hair from inside.

Here we are sharing 8 important tips to stop hair falling:

1.  Eat Amla regularly to make hair black, thick & healthy.
2.   Use at least two time shampoo and conditioner on your hair in a week.
3.    Vitamin E is very good for hair, you can also use Vitamin E tables and dry fruits.
4.   Power treatment is important for the women that take over hair treatment.
5.   Dry your hair by using fingers and then comb the hair easily.
6.  Take balanced diet like almonds, milk, fish and green vegetables for hair nutrition.
7.   Don’t use hair spray and cheap gel on your precious hair.
8.   If you wash your hair from hot water then it is also necessary to wash them again from cold water to make them shiny.

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