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5 Bollywood Celebrities Without Makeup

Stars Without Makeup

Make up is an arm of fashion that helps to painting faces with different looks. When we watching Bollywood celebrities on the silver screen they look very pretty, because behind every pretty actress there are makeup artists and a appointment with a concealer.

List of Celebrities without Makeup:

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan:

Kareena Kapoor Khan without mackup

Kareena Kapoor without Makeup

How Many Villages in India?

Villages are called Goan by Indian people. We have been listened so many time that India is a nation of villages. Do you know there are 74% of Indian populations live in villages(According to the 2001 Indian census)? 236,004 Goan have less than 500 populations and 3,976 have more that 10,000 populations.

How Many Villages in India

How Many Villages in India

How to Keep Curly Hair Straight Throughout the Evening

Women those have curly hair get bored with same stuff after a period. Ladies love to look stylish and beautiful. Woman with curly hair always try to make them straight but straighten hair no longer stay as in same condition. Generally women all over the world do prefer long, smooth and straight hair but those who have curly hair they use hair straightener and apply heat on hair to do straight them. After few hours straightening of hair lost and they become in previous condition. To resolving this issue you need to follow some simple steps and after following these you can get straight hair throughout the evening. These steps also can transform your look while at the same time help to keep your hair healthy and strong.

How to Earn with Youtube Video?

There are lots of people that are making money on Youtube. If you have your own unique and creative videos then you can earn money very easily through Youtube Channel. You just need to follow these following steps:

1. Create Gmail Account and build your YouTube channel.