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Where Should I Invest A Lump Sum? Liquid Funds or Equity Funds?

If you are investing a lump sum amount, you will naturally want to know the difference between equity debt and liquid funds before you invest your money. Of late, there have been several comparisons of equity vs. liquid funds made by investors with regard to deploying a lump sum amount.

The basic rules behind choosing any mutual fund will always be universal, no matter the mutual fund type that you opt for. You can select funds on the basis of specific financial goals, your horizon for making the investment, and your overall risk profile.

Before getting into the equity fund or liquid fund SIP or lump sum dilemma, you should first analyze whether you want this amount back in the long run. You can also zero in on a specific goal and make an investment likewise. Knowing where to invest a lump sum amount will hold you in good stead.