How to Play Cricket

How to Play Cricket

Cricket game is currently very popular game. It is a modern game that is played with the ball. The sport was born in the 13th century. First time in 1760 start an institution to make the rules of the game. In 1835 a new organization created Imperial Cricket Council. 1956 which gave rise to the International Cricket Conference (ICC), which holds worldwide cricket tournament control.

 In India, the prevalence of cricket was by British emperor. In this way the sport became popular in other Indian’s cities.

Lets learn about cricket and its vocabulary:

Play Ground: Cricket played on the pitch and pitch length must be 20.12 meters and width should be 3.66 meters. The game played in a line. Different players stand on different place to stop ball and being caught in the playground.

Ball: The weight of the cricket ball must not exceed 163 grams. The circle of the ball must be 9 inch.

Bat: Bat of cricket length must be 96.5 cm and width not be exceed from 10.8 cm.

Stump: Three stumps were keeping an equal distance from each other are a total of 9 inches width. On which are placed two swinging bail. Three stump on one side of the pitch and the other three stumps 22 yards on the other side they are engaged. Height should be 28 inches from the soil every stump.

Scorer : The runs made by players in the game, two scorers are appointed to account for the the collected.

A way to play cricket : In cricket team fielding 11 players are on the field. All opposition players to try to do batsman out. One player out of the second player takes his place. This kind of batting team more than run do attempt to score. the team want making more runs to win the match. Does the decision umpire for LBW.

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