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KYC As An Anti Money Laundering (AML) Tool

As financial crimes rise, best practices in AML and other regulatory compliance tools are fast keeping up. Financial crooks have found a way into the digital world of banking and finance, alarming regulators and financial service providers alike. The availability of sophisticated tricks and advanced technological means of trespassing customer privacy has translated into a glaring need for businesses to ‘know their customer’.

KYC as an Anti Money Laundering (AML) Tool


Many candidates are working hard for years to clear this IBPS clerk exam. Every year the toughness level of exam and competition is going very high. So hard work and smart work are much needed to crack this exam. So don’t wait for any luck factor or magic to happen. Only dedicated students can clear this exam.


So prepare your own strategy and follow it strictly. Surely you can succeed this time. For this year the total vacancy for the IBPS clerk recruitment is 12075. So use this opportunity well to enter the public sector banking industry.

How to Improve UX with AI and Machine Learning

With the rapidly changing face of technology, AI has indeed reshaped the digital world. AI has created a positive impact on diverse sectors like finance, healthcare, retail, and more. UX is no exception! But before we delve into how AI and ML are improving UX, let’s have a look at what exactly does UX mean.


What is UX?

User Experience (UX) encompasses all the aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services, products, and overall customer journey. The most crucial requirement for a great UX is meeting the exact customer needs and understanding their behavioral patterns.

What is UX?

What You Should Consider When Giving Your Kitchen A Makeover?

If you’re looking for ways to give your kitchen a makeover, chances are you already have something in mind for it.

You may have taken inspiration from social media or magazines. But, not every option will be feasible. In this article, we will list pointers that you should keep in mind before you set out to revamp your kitchen.

Giving Your Kitchen A Makeover

How AI (Artificial Intelligence) Can Change Education System in 2020

In the digital era, the educational system and its separate elements are developing along the way of decentralization and flexibility (rejection of strict standards, a list of professions as the basis for determining the areas of training in higher education, dividing into levels, which are undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate studies in favor of modular and short-term programs, trainings).

Artificial intelligence and education as a process

With the further merging of the online and offline environments and the development of augmented and virtual reality technologies, a person psychically present on the territory of an institutionally formed element of the education system will become optional.