Music KeysTo hear the name of music the people who love it move their legs on the rhythm. Music is the series of tones that created by symphony or other equipment. Sound and silence are the medium of music that find in melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre and many other latest music equipment.

Music is an Art and Science

We can say that music is the science because musician display music by a graph and chart which indicates intensities, frequencies, volume changes, harmony and melody. Music is an art also because it gives beautiful enjoyment to people from the boring task and also can change people emotions.

Music is Mathematics

Musicians calculates rhythm time in his mind and plays equipment according to word sequence and add, divide, and multiply many things in a few movements so we can say music is the mathematical too.

Learning Music

Learning Music

Music is a Foreign Language

Only a professional can understand music language. The rhythm of music not writes in English or other understanding language. We are stranger for the music language so we can say that it is a foreign language.

Music is History

Music changes according to time, country, religion and the choice of music also different from each other like history.

Music is Physical Education

Music creates by perfect harmonization of hand, lips, fingers, arm and other muscles that react quick to the sound for our ear hears and brain.