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Symptoms That Suggest You Should See a Neurologist

Your doctor may suggest a neurological exam if you or a loved one is experiencing unusual symptoms that could be associated with the nervous system or brain. There are a wide variety of neurological conditions that can be diagnosed and treated by a neurology specialist.


Stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS), and Parkinson’s disease are all examples of neurological diseases. In some cases, a neurologist may become your primary care physician based on the symptoms and diagnosis.

The better the prognosis, as is the case with most medical disorders, the sooner therapy can be instituted. Due to the following neurological issues, you should visit the best neuro hospital in Delhi:

Migraines or headaches that are both frequent and severe

Many people go to a neurologist for this same reason. In addition to severe headaches and nausea, migraine sufferers may often have sensitivity to light, sound, and smell. In order to minimize the severity and frequency of migraines, neurologists can help pinpoint what is causing the migraines. Migraine drugs may also be prescribed by doctors to prevent or treat migraines.

Memory issues are a common ailment

Now and again, people are prone to forgetting things. You may need to get help from a doctor if your forgetfulness is interfering with your everyday routine. However, forgetfulness can also be an indication of other diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

A neurologist can figure out what’s going on with your memory loss. Medications can be prescribed by a neurologist to halt the progression of dementia and alleviate its symptoms.


An epileptic seizure is triggered by an electrical disturbance in the brain. Uncontrollable movements, unconsciousness, or unusual sensations are just a few examples. Seizures can be brought under control by addressing the underlying cause in some circumstances.

In some circumstances, long-term medical issues might cause seizures. Preventing or reducing seizures in these patients usually necessitates the use of drugs or other techniques. Diagnosing and treating your seizures can be done by a neurologist who can perform the appropriate tests and examinations to find the source of your seizures.

Injuries to the brain and spinal cord

Both types of injuries, whether sustained in a car accident or during a sporting event, are capable of resulting in a wide array of neurological symptoms. Injuries to the brain can cause a wide range of symptoms, including memory loss, dizziness, headaches, loss of consciousness, seizures, and behavioral problems.

Weakness, numbness, or paralysis can result from spinal cord injuries. Although both injuries can cause similar symptoms, the region and extent of the condition can have a significant impact on the severity of the symptoms. No matter what the cause of the injury was, a neurologist can examine to ascertain the best treatment option.

Having difficulty getting around

The symptoms of tremors, stiffness, slowness, clumsiness, and inability to move particular body parts are all indications that you should visit a neurology specialist. Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders are two common causes of difficulty moving. Your neurologist may suggest one of several treatment options based on the specifics of your case.

A visit to the best neuro hospital in Delhi is in order if you experience any of these distinct neurological symptoms. It’s critical to consult a neurologist as soon as you start experiencing these symptoms so that you can get the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Your neurologist will be able to prescribe medications and perform operations to help you manage some neurological problems, even if there is no cure. Don’t put off seeking medical attention if you are having neurological problems. Make an appointment with a neurologist in your area right away.

What are the early-stage symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a medical condition in which a person experiences extreme mood swings. It is a mental health problem marked by significantly low and high moods. Low are periods of depression (sad mood), and high are periods of hypomania or mania (abnormally happy or irritable mood).

6 Core focus Oblique Burn Workouts

Many individuals try to skip doing oblique exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. However, when you work hard to sculpt your abs, you could portray a sleek midsection. In addition, you will be able to balance your body properly if you like playing a sport. You will also be more dynamic without putting on extra muscle mass around the area. So, if you want to make your abs tighter, then here are some exercises you need to do.

6 Core focus Oblique Burn Workouts

1 Bird Dog Crunches


To do such kinds of crunches, you need to rest your knees together on the mat. Later, you need to drive your right arm and push your left legs backwards. To return to the starting position, you need to move your leg forward and your right arm earlier. After some repetitions, you need to start with the left arm and the right leg.


2 Single Leg Side Planks


For the single-leg side plank, you need to set your body sideways with the support of the area adjacent to the shin. It would help if you also rested the lower arm on the mat to support the upper body. As you achieve stability, you need to raise your arm and the leg together. For example, if you have set the body towards the right-hand side, you need to lift the right leg and the right arm in the air. After you hold the position for a few seconds, you need to return to the starting position. After completing the set, you need to follow the same sequence by setting the body on the left-hand side.


3 Spiderman Crunches


Among the oblique exercises, it’s not that tough to do Spiderman crunches. As you set the body into the pushup position, you need to lift the right leg a few inches from the ground and try to touch the right knee to the right elbow. Afterwards, you need to lift the left leg and try to lift the left knee to come in contact with the left elbow. But, while you’re doing so, you should push your body just as you would do with pushups. To strengthen the core, it’s better to do the exercise for 3 to 4 set with 30 seconds in between.


4 Side Plank Swipers


Side plank swipers are synonymous with single-leg side planks. As you balance your body sideways with the support of the area around the shin, you need to first balance the body at an acute angle. A bit later, you need to raise your right hand along with the hips and trunk. But, to come back to the starting position, you need to lower your hip as well as your hand.


5 Bicycle Crunches


If you want to tone abdominal muscles through oblique exercises, then you should do bicycle crunches repeatedly. First, as you lie on your back, touching the mat, you need to place your hand behind the head. Then, further ahead, you have to try touching the left elbow to the right knee. Then, as you crunch the entire body, you need to hold the position for a few seconds. Later, you have to repeat the same steps with the other arm and the leg as well. While doing this exercise, you could just imagine that you’re pedalling a cycle with your back flat on the ground.


6 Cross-Body Mountain Climbers


For this exercise, you initially have to get into the plank position. Then, while you draw your stomach inwards, you must bend your legs and try touching the right knee to the left elbow. Later, you have to repeat this step with the left knee and try to touch it to the right elbow. Ideally, it would be best to do this exercise only after you gain confidence with mountain climbers.


Finally, apart from oblique exercises, you can try some muscle conditioning exercises just to lose fat around your abdomen. Before you step out for a workout, make sure to drink plenty of water. It will hydrate your body and mitigate the risk of muscle cramps. For building stamina before a workout, you shouldn’t forget to drink a cup of sugarless black coffee.

Best Eye Surgery Options for Astigmatism that You Should Know

Astigmatism is not a common situation amongst everyone, and however, this issue is found significantly within 14.3% amongst children below 15 years and 67.2% amongst adults over 65 years. Therefore, if you or your loved one belongs to the percentage mentioned above, you will see that your doctor will recommend various methods to get the condition treated. And accordingly, you need to consult with a specific specialist.

Some of the most common treatments for astigmatism are – eyeglasses, lenses, LASIK, and not forgetting to mention SMILE. SMILE eye surgery has been implemented in the recent past, and it is probably the best surgery that has existed. It is more or less like LASIK surgery but far more organized, safe, and well designed.

This article will discuss the best eye surgery options for treating astigmatism and how SMILE eye treatment suits best. If you are looking forward to knowing more about the newly implemented surgery procedure, continue reading. But first, let us see what the condition of astigmatism is.

What Is Astigmatism?

It is an abnormal condition where the eye is not completely round as it should be. As a result, astigmatism might cause headaches, blurry vision, straining of eyes, especially during the night. But this condition of astigmatism is not precarious as there are several options of treatment and surgeries to make it alright. The following sections will see how SMILE eye surgery and other treatments can cause alright this condition.

Treatments for Astigmatism

Astigmatism can be fixed and corrected in several easy methods. However, sometimes you will find that your doctor will not recommend the option of surgeries and will ask you to wear contact lenses or spectacles. And on the other hand, some experts and professionals will advise you with the quickest correction method, i.e., LASIK and SMILE eye surgery.

Nevertheless, you can also correct astigmatism during cataract surgery. Before consulting a specialist, you should decide which type of treatment you want to avail yourself of. You should know that Optometrists will suggest you wear contact lenses or spectacles, whereas Ophthalmologists will suggest you with LASIK or SMILE eye surgery.

What is SMILE Eye Surgery?

SMILE is also known as small incision lenticule extraction. It is an eye surgery method through laser vision correction, similar to LASIK. Through this surgery, you can get the condition of astigmatism treated along with nearsightedness.

SMILE Eye Surgery – Procedure

This surgery is performed using a femtosecond laser called VisuMax, which Carl Zeiss Meditec implemented. With a femtosecond laser, the surgeon creates a small bit of lenticule in the shape of a lens within the cornea. After that, a small incision in the shape of an arc is made on the cornea’s surface, thereby extracting the lenticule through the incision.

When the tiny lenticule is removed, the shape of the cornea changes and corrects the condition of astigmatism, and it heals quickly and requires no stitches. To avail of SMILE eye surgery, the patient is required to be more than 22 years old, have a prescription of spectacle, which is stable for at least 12 months, and not have more than -0.50D astigmatism.

To Conclude

SMILE eye surgery indeed provides an almost similar visual insight into LASIK. However, unlike LASIK, SMILE does not make a corneal flap, and the procedure is far more simple and provides quick recovery and correction of astigmatism.


5 Essential Bodyweight Exercises for Men

One of the benefits of bodyweight training is that they can be modified as per your desired fitness level. Whether you are just starting out or trying to achieve a fitness goal, there are plenty of bodyweight exercises for you to follow.

How to Boost Your Immunity? – Check Out Best Scientifically Proven Ways

The bad news is that there is no magic that will ‘boost’ our immunity against coronavirus within a day or two. So, keeping your body healthy with these tips may help to keep your immune system strong.

How to Boost Your Immunity

Why Sauna Is An Integral Part Of A Healthier Lifestyle?

Your primary care physician can just certainly decide how to utilize the sauna for your own advantage. All in all, the experience of well-being reviews and experienced sauna clients is improved, affirming that numerous medical advantages are regularly given by utilizing the sauna. You can appreciate the advantages of the sauna via search on google about the Saunas Near Me.

Healthier Lifestyle

Here are a few instances of how heaven showers are an essential piece of a more beneficial way of life.

Healthy Sleep Tips – Common Questions and Misconceptions About Sleep

Sleep is necessary for human survival. Well, that’s a pretty bold way to say, you should get regular sleep. There are several questions and often misconceptions we have about sleep. We may not understand all the complexities of sleep, but research suggests that it is a valuable part of our lives. This article addresses some f the main concepts you should have regarding sleep. Read on to find out more.

How much sleep do I really need?

Sleep requirements are usually age-dependent. Newborns have a record requirement of about 20 hours while adults typically need about 8-9 hours of sleep. While oversleeping might make you late to an appointment, insufficient sleep will actually affect your body functional capacity. It is important that you meet all your daily sleeping requirements.

Menstrual Cup Vs. Tampon: Advantages of Menstrual Cup

Women go through many transitions in a lifetime. Menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause are one of the biological changes a woman needs to go through because a girl’s body is designed to do so.

Menstrual Cup Vs. Tampon

The average age for a girl to begin having her period is 12 years old, but it can sometimes start as early as 8 years of age. Thus, a girl approximately begins menstruation between 8 to 15 years old, and it usually ends between 45 to 55 years of age, which means that menstruation will be a part of a woman’s life for almost a half of her lifetime.

How To Deal With Extra Loose Skin After Weight Loss

We all know that losing weight is not as easier as we usually think. When you achieve your weight loss goal, you cannot compare your happiness and satisfaction with anything. But, at the same time, for many people, this happiness fades away when they see their extra loose skin.

It is really very frustrating to digest that hard work and commitment you put into your weight loss journey has now taken you to the unexpected destination. The new body which you have now gained comes out with a loose skin that needs more efforts to get rid of it.

Always keep in mind that managing excess skin after a significant weight loss requires more efforts and more time than you think. Also, it depends on your age, the amount of weight you have reduced as well the time your skin was stretched.