Menstrual Cup Vs. Tampon: Advantages of Menstrual Cup

Women go through many transitions in a lifetime. Menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause are one of the biological changes a woman needs to go through because a girl’s body is designed to do so.

Menstrual Cup Vs. Tampon

The average age for a girl to begin having her period is 12 years old, but it can sometimes start as early as 8 years of age. Thus, a girl approximately begins menstruation between 8 to 15 years old, and it usually ends between 45 to 55 years of age, which means that menstruation will be a part of a woman’s life for almost a half of her lifetime.

Now since menstruation will be present in a woman’s life for a long period of time, it is necessary to have the right menstrual hygiene product that she could rely on during the menstrual cycle. It is important for you to choose the best product, right? So, because of this, we will be discussing menstrual cup vs tampon, to know which would suits you best.

What is a Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a small, flexible cup that is made from a medical grade silicone or latex rubber. It is used as an alternative to pads and tampon wherein instead of absorbing your flow, it catches and collects it.

To use a menstrual cup, simply fold the cup and insert it into your vaginal cavity just like a tampon. The cup will spring open inside and will rest against the walls of your vagina, then it will forma seal to prevent any leaks. You will know that you are using it correctly if you are comfortable wearing it and you are not feeling anything.

Pros of Menstrual Cup

Discussed below are the advantages that you can get from using the menstrual cup as your menstrual hygiene product. From this, you can judge whether or not the menstrual cup suits your needs during your period.

Budget Friendly. The menstrual cup is reusable which approximately costs around $30 to $40 which has a lifespan of up to 10 years. With this said, you can say that it will definitely save you a huge amount of money. Unlike with tampon or pads that you need to buy a box per month since you need to change every four to eight hours.

More Productivity. Since menstrual cup’s usage time is up to 12 hours, you do not need to change every four to eight hours, which can also sometimes change depends on your flow. This means to say that you do not need to go in and out of the comfort room for the duration of your monthly cycle. This then would equate to more productivity since there would be no disruptions.

Also, cups can stay in longer so they are good for overnight protection while you are sleeping.

Holds more Flow. Unlike tampons, a menstrual cup holds 1 ounce of liquid, which is twice the amount of what can a super-absorbent tampon or pad holds. The difference between the different menstrual products is that a menstrual cup can be a great aid if your flow is heavy.

Less Odor. Since menstrual blood can be really smelly when it is exposed to air, using a menstrual cup would make it odorless. This is because the menstrual cup forms an airtight seal which makes it not possible to expose the blood to the air.

It is Safer. Have you heard of TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome? It is a severe and a rare type of bacterial infection which is caused by the overgrowth of bacteria. It was almost like a plague back in 1978 wherein women suffered this bacterial infection due to the super-absorbent tampons.

Now, experts say that it is much safer than tampons since it is made out of a medical grade silicone or rubber latex, rather than from the tampon’s synthetic fiber that may be a breeding ground for bacteria.


Now, did the menstrual cup won you over? If so, then you should probably start knowing more on how to choose your menstrual cup, so that you will not have any confusion in picking and you will be more comfortable in using your menstrual cup. Remember that it is important for you to gather more information in regards to choosing your menstrual cup since the sitting of your uterus matters.

Moreover, it is necessary that you should know how to clean your menstrual cup so that you would be able to utilize your cup up to its lifespan and not to jeopardize your health due to neglecting your cup’s sanitation. Take note that you will be inserting your cup into your vagina, which is why knowing these things are very important as someone who is thinking of using menstrual cup during monthly blood discharge for the rest of one’s menstruation cycle.

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