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Top Law Colleges In India 2023 – Fees, Placement Scope, Infrastructure and Faculty

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Top 5 NDA Coaching Institutes in India

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Benefits of Recurring Deposits That You Need to Know

An RD (recurring deposit) is a term deposit which enables investors to save fixed amounts on a monthly basis. These schemes are mostly offered by post offices and leading Indian banks where people can contribute smaller amounts towards creating a fund that earns sufficient interest.

FD Calculator: Best Fixed Deposit Interest Rate in India 2022

Planned Investments are always helpful in the long run. Our investment goals define our future capabilities and potentials.  Deposit schemes such as fixed deposits, if strategically planned, yield the best results. Besides, their stability and risk-free nature make them more attractive.  

Where Should I Invest A Lump Sum? Liquid Funds or Equity Funds?

If you are investing a lump sum amount, you will naturally want to know the difference between equity debt and liquid funds before you invest your money. Of late, there have been several comparisons of equity vs. liquid funds made by investors with regard to deploying a lump sum amount.

The basic rules behind choosing any mutual fund will always be universal, no matter the mutual fund type that you opt for. You can select funds on the basis of specific financial goals, your horizon for making the investment, and your overall risk profile.

Before getting into the equity fund or liquid fund SIP or lump sum dilemma, you should first analyze whether you want this amount back in the long run. You can also zero in on a specific goal and make an investment likewise. Knowing where to invest a lump sum amount will hold you in good stead.

How To Get High Returns on Fixed Deposit Schemes in 2020

When you invest in fixed interest rate deposits, you know that you have no control over the rate of interest. So, the usual route to get high returns is to compare the interest rates across all FD issuers. You will naturally select the one that offers the best FD rates in 2020.

How To Get High Returns on Fixed Deposit Schemes in 2020

However, it would make more sense if you also find a way to maximize the high returns. This way, you will be able to grow your investment and earn more income than what seems obvious. Let’s see how you can do this.

COVID-19 Outbreak: How the Pandemic has affected the Businesses Globally

The coronavirus outbreak continues to evolve globally, and over 200 nations are fighting with COVID-19 presently. As of 6 April, 1,285,262 cases and over 70,000 deaths have already been reported due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The widespread uncontrolled transmission of coronavirus has already affected the lives of individuals worldwide. With the rapid spread of the deadly virus worldwide, the fear and panic amongst the people are spreading even faster, and every industry is getting affected due to this outbreak.

Airtel Recharge Plans Below 100/- to Fit All Pockets

The well-acclaimed telecommunication brand, Airtel, is known for its uninterrupted services of pre-paid, postpaid and DTH services. As a customer, you will never be disappointed with the range of plans Airtel offers no matter how tight your budget is.

KYC As An Anti Money Laundering (AML) Tool

As financial crimes rise, best practices in AML and other regulatory compliance tools are fast keeping up. Financial crooks have found a way into the digital world of banking and finance, alarming regulators and financial service providers alike. The availability of sophisticated tricks and advanced technological means of trespassing customer privacy has translated into a glaring need for businesses to ‘know their customer’.

KYC as an Anti Money Laundering (AML) Tool

Which Different Problem Solving Techniques Could I Use In My Business?

There are many different attitudes towards problem-solving in various industries, however, most people are waking up to the fact that they need to invest more time in this in order to make the business more efficient and effective.  With globalization getting more and more powerful every year, the world is a competitive place.


Why Investing In A Property Is Considered As The Best Investment?

In case you’re youthful, and you’re hoping to buy another home to live in, perhaps you ought to think about transforming your first home into a speculation property. While a great many people hold up until after they’ve purchased their first or second home to start putting resources into land, you could begin much sooner than you might suspect. We’ll clarify why hopping into the property contributing amusement may be a smart thought.


How To Get The Benefits of Cheap Learner Driver Insurance

Learner driver insurance is a short term flexible method that allows you to get insured with provisional license holder from two hours to ninety days. So that you can practice your driving with someone who cam go along with you.