5 Essential Bodyweight Exercises for Men

One of the benefits of bodyweight training is that they can be modified as per your desired fitness level. Whether you are just starting out or trying to achieve a fitness goal, there are plenty of bodyweight exercises for you to follow.

In this blog post, we are sharing some of the essential bodyweight exercises for men that you must include in your routine.

Step-Up With Knee Raises

Whether your goal is to carve your lower-body strength or achieve a better balance in your pins, this is the perfect bodyweight exercise for you. Unilateral training helps in stabilizing muscles and can help in providing you with more balance. To do this exercise –

● Place a box or bench in the front and step onto it with your one foot.
● As you plant the foot on the box, pull your other foot bringing the knee as high up as possible.
● Lower the foot back down and step back on the floor. Repeat with the other foot.


These are great bodyweight exercises that help in improving upper-body strength. Moreover, regular press-ups can help in building muscle mass, endurance, and strength. To do this exercise –

● Get in the push-up position with your weight on the toes and place your hands beneath your shoulders. Ensure to keep your body straight.
● Keep your core locks to create a straight line between the glutes, heels, and head.
● Lower the body until your chest is one inch away from the ground, then drive up explosively by extending your arms.


To perform this bodyweight exercise, you will need a barbell or ab roller. The tension you would feel in your core while performing this exercise is similar to what you would feel during plank. In terms of difficulty level, this is just a notch higher. Basically, the idea is, the farther you roll out, the more challenging the exercise becomes, resulting in better outcomes. To perform this exercise –

● Grip the ab roller with both your hands and place your knees on the floor and extend your body forward.
● Ensure to move forward from the core until you feel like you cannot roll further.
● Keep your core tight, muscles of lower back contracted, and hips stable.
● Hold the form tight without arching your back and keeping your head down, facing forward.
● Keep the position for 2 to 3 seconds before rolling back.


This brilliant bodyweight exercise works to increase the range of movement by significantly opening your hips and thoracic region. Moreover, this stretch also pumps blood to all your lower body muscles, considerably reducing the injury due to overstaining. To perform this exercise –

● Start with a press-up position
● Lunge forward in a way that both your legs land next to the hands.
● Return back to the starting position and repeat.

Final Thoughts

Bodyweight exercises work excellently to benefit all parts of your body. Depending on the focus area, you can modify the exercise to get the desired results. Above, we have mentioned some of the popular and great bodyweight exercises that you must try.

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