Top 10 Tips for Healthy Sun Exposure

Top 10 Tips for Healthy Sun Exposure and optimizing you vitamin d levels:

sources of vitamin d

Sources of Vitamin D

1.    Take Vitamin D3 Supplements if necessary.
2.    Always avoid sunburn.
3.    Have a healthy respect for the sun.
4.    Prepare your skin and build up tolerance gradually.
5.    Get frequent, short exposures.
6.    Get 15-30 minutes of unprotected sun exposure two to four times a week.
7.    After your 15-30 minutes of sun-block free time in the sun, you must protect yourself.
8.    Have your vitamin D Blood levels checked regularly.
9.    Boost your internal sunscreen by consuming anti-oxidants and beneficial fats.
10.    Don’t rely on food alone for your vitamin D needs.

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