What is CodeIgniter?

Cordeigniter - PHP Open Source FrameworkCordeigniter is a open source framework technology developed by EllisLab, Inc. in 28th February 2006. Cordeigniter is a web development application framework to develop web application faster. This is a useful open source for the developer that builds dynamic websites in PHP.

If you are looking for a framework that no need command line adhere to restrictive coding rules and have a small footprint, exceptional performance and need nearly zero configuration then Cordeigniter is the best framework for you.

CodeIgniter has the MVC structural design to organize your application for easy to learn and very easy to extend. This is light framework of PHP programming.

Review some disadvantages and advantages of CodeIgniter.

Disadvantages of CodeIgniter:

1.    CodeIgniter is work in PHP and it is not completely object oriented.
2.    All Frameworks has not built in Object Role Modeling.
3.    CodeIgniter has PHP4 inheritance code.

Advantages of CodeIgniter:

1.    CodeIgniter is very easy to learn.
2.    Its code is easy to keep in mind.
3.    CI is small fry and broad.
4.    Everyone can handle and customize it very easily.
5.    We can do configuration in CodeIgniter file in easy way

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