10 Phd Dissertation Tips – How To Write Dissertation In The Shortest Possible Time

A PhD dissertation is one of the most important documents you will ever write in your academic studies. It is a project that allows a student to make a novel contribution to scientific knowledge, establish credentials as a scholar and prove your research and communication skills.

It is a huge undertaking which requires you to turn years of research into a single, coherent piece of work which you are proud to share. It is no wonder so many graduate students abandon their studies at this stage.

There’s hardly enough time to do everything when the deadline starts approaching and you need to work smartly to ace the project.

How To Write PhD Dissertation In The Shortest Possible Time

This article explores in details how you can write your PhD dissertation in the shortest time possible and deliver a winning paper.

Set Up Your Schedule And Work Station

First things first; if you don’t have a plan for wiring your dissertation, then you will most likely miss the deadline for submission. Most students write in a rush and end up wasting a lot of time. If you want to submit a high-quality paper within the shortest time, you need to create a writing schedule and set a work station. A work schedule should cover the entire period available divided into days.

You should indicate time available for the paper every day and write a task you will work on before the day arrives.  It is important to break down your dissertation into small portions which you can work on and complete quickly.

Avoid taking on too much work because this eventually slows you down and frustrates you. If you decide to work on a chapter in a week, break it down into different ideas each with its time allocation. Never sit down to work on your dissertation without an idea of what you are about to do.  Displaying your work planner helps keep you focused at all times.

Review All D. Requirements For Your Institution

One of the most common problems Ph.D. students encounter when working on their dissertation is having to revise the paper at the last minute. After months of intense research and writing, the last thing you want is to discover you have been doing the wrong thing all along.

To avoid this disappointing experience, you should review all the Ph.D. requirements for your institution and make sure you follow them to the letter. This will not only guide you in the writing process but you will have more confidence in the work you do.

Always have these requirements with you when researching or writing and keep referring to them in case of doubts. If you have any doubts, talk to your supervisor and get clarification before moving on with the research. It might seem unnecessary after months of working on the project but this is a simple tip that will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Simply put, don’t work on assumptions but instead seek clarifications from your supervisor to avoid time-consuming revisions.  Such revisions might end up ruining the quality of the paper you initially had in mind.

Prepare Mentally for the Project

One of the main reasons people struggle with huge projects is a failure to prepare mentally. Project managers learn this in school and apply the knowledge at work. Your PhD dissertation is one of the biggest projects you will undertake in life and it will cause changes in your life. You have to prepare for these changes if you want to complete your paper within the shortest time possible.

For instance, if you have a job or a family, it is important to review how your dissertation work will affect your normal schedule. By carefully evaluating such changes and discussing them with your family, it becomes easier to cope and adjust your lifestyle. It all starts with a change in your mental state; this is a huge project that requires major changes in your life and once you appreciate this, it gets easier.

Most Ph.D. students approach a dissertation writing project like any other school assignment and they experience shock at the amount of adjustment they have to make. When you make such changes haphazardly, you lose valuable time and reduce the chances of completing your dissertation fast.

Review The Dissertation Questions Once Again

One of the greats problems Ph.D. students encounter when writing their paper is a lack of research material to move their project forward. This problem emanates from the fact that the questions set at the beginning are ambivalent which leads to further hurdles finding the right answers.  At other times the student cannot recall the thesis statement and the questions the study seeks to answer.

You need to look at the questions you had set at the beginning and consider that there’s little time for a broad study. Take time to understand the approach you want for the paper and refresh your mind on the thesis statement. You need to focus on these questions alone. By reviewing the questions your dissertation seeks to answer, it is easy to tune your mind to the task and save time for your research.

Forget About The Introduction And Write It Last

It is no secret that writing an introduction to any document is always the toughest part.  Many students get stuck even before they start writing an essay because they don’t know how to phrase the first words. When it comes to a dissertation that will go into hundreds of pages, things become to get more complicated and you might lose a lot of time trying to craft the perfect introduction.

For this reason, you need to forget about this important section and instead immerse yourself into the meat of the study. You should start the real work which includes composing a thesis, thesis proposal, research, literature review, analysis of data among other things. It is true that an introduction is crucial but when it comes to a dissertation, it is best to write it last. You will have everything else in place and the ideas for your introduction will also flow easily.

Leverage Writing Apps

Technology is a lifesaver in every aspect of life today and this includes your PhD dissertation project.  Writing apps are a godsend for students short of time in their dissertation writing projects. Some of these apps will help in brainstorming, an organization of ideas, topic suggestion, time management, eliminating distractions, a listing of deadlines, annotated bibliographies, syncing notes, editing, and proofreading, creating checklists of tasks, note making and so much more.

From Evernote, Penultimate, Dropbox, Mendeley, Keynote, iStudiez Pro, Pocket, Scrivener, Gingko App, Jarte, Todoist, Wunderlist, RescueTime, Stayfocused to Cambridge Dictionary, there are multiple dissertation writing tools to use. Each of these writing apps comes in handy in a different aspect of your project. Some of these tools are free while others are premium and they come with incredible features to help in your writing task.

If you are short on time when working on your dissertation, take time to look at some of these apps and many other out there to complete your PhD dissertation writing project faster.

Use a Dissertation Helper/Service

Consider this; you have a job, a family to attend to and other things to do in life. Looking at all the responsibilities in your life, it is obvious that you need help to complete your dissertation on time. If you are like most Ph.D. students, you have little time left to complete all aspects of research and writing. Some students get stuck at the start and procrastinate till the last minute. In all these cases, it is advisable to work with a professional dissertation helper to ensure you complete your paper on time.

A dissertation service has highly talented writers in all fields and they offer a broad range of services such as topic suggestions, thesis formulation, research materials, sample papers, outline writing, custom papers for sale, editing and proofreading, dissertation defense tips among other services.  Whatever dissertation writing services you need, there’s an experienced writer who will work closely with you to meet the deadline.

Diversify your Research Resources

If you want your project to move forward quickly, you need to diversify sources of materials for your dissertation. Most Ph.D. students still rely on traditional sources of information which limits access to important information. If you still rely on your school library for research materials, it is time to diversify.

Consider using online publications, online libraries, college journals and websites, research apps, writing services, sample thesis, professional thesis writers, editing and proofreading software among other sources of information.

A broad range of research resources ensures you complete your paper faster while also improving the quality of your research. Working with writing tools and professional writers ensures the final paper you submit is devoid of unnecessary mistakes in grammar and structure.

Break Your Thesis Into Defined Stages

You have most likely read about the importance of breaking large tasks into smaller tasks in project management. It is the secret of doing big things whether it is building a bridge or an aircraft. Now, your dissertation is a huge undertaking and for months, it will take over your life which calls for smart planning. The best way to approach this project is by breaking it into defined stages.

A simple PhD dissertation should cover idea collection/brainstorming, editing and data analysis, and polishing of the paper. In the initial stages, you don’t focus on perfecting the paper but instead work on finding as many diverse ideas as you can find on the chosen topic. You should have a dissertation outline which guides on where specific ideas should go in the paper.

Writing and editing is a labor-intensive phase and you should dedicate a lot of time to it. Now that you have the ideas focus on developing every idea at a time because you won’t have much time to come back to the same point. Finally, polish your paper using a professional proofreader or an app to ensure there are no structural or grammatical weaknesses.

Write Always Every Day

One thing you must appreciate is that dissertation writing is a tedious process and you will always feel like unprepared to work. You have to push yourself and here, a writing schedule is not enough. You have to prepare mentally and find intrinsic motivation to drive yourself. Sometimes you have to grapple with writer’s block when your creative edge fails to deliver.  At such times, it takes a lot of effort to keep writing but you have to do it.

Don’t put away the project from sight but instead, have your planner with you all the time. Looking at the deadline will inspire you to keep writing despite how you feel. Always write something to move the project forward and you will manage to complete your PhD dissertation within the shortest time possible. If you suffer writer’s block, don’t walk away and instead, try writing on anything else to unblock your creative juices.

It is one of the most important academic projects you will undertake and as such, you need to get it right. Writing a dissertation with a looming deadline is not easy but with these tips and collaborating with a thesis geek, it’s possible to do it. You need to review the questions you plan to answer to ensure you stay on track in your research and before starting, make sure you understand all the project requirements. Leverage writing apps and other online resources for easier access to information. More importantly, work on small sections of the dissertation at a time and refine each as you continue.

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