B Des Courses – The Right Specialization for You

Innovation, improvement, and initiation — these are enough to describe the fundamentals of design in every field. The career in designing itself is a new journey in itself. You learn, create and evolve new things that improve the sector.

This creative streak is one reason that designing as a career never goes out of the limelight. In fact, it takes on the center stage in sectors like fashion designing or games designing.

Owing to the growing demands, educational institutes have started various types of BDes courses. From interior designing to product designing, B. Desspecializations have diversified a lot, meeting the industry needs.

While all these specializations open a wide array of opportunities for the young aspirants, they also pop up multiple questions in students’ minds.

Since you are also exploring this article, there’s no doubt you are puddled up in the most common dilemma — which is the right B. Des specialization for you?

Worry not folks, for we have scooped out information about the top BDes courses below to help in making a right and informed choice. Continue reading to know further.

B.Des in Graphic Design

As the name suggests, B. Des specialization deals with the concepts of visual communication. Some of the topics that are covered during this four-year undergraduate program include:

  • Typography and Type Design
  • Publication Design
  • Photography
  • Print Design
  • Image Making
  • Illustration
  • Branding
  • Communication Systems

With a degree of graphic design in hand, you can apply for various opportunities in different fields, especially in branding, entertainment, and communication design firms. Freshers can expect a salary ranging from 2 to 4 lakhs per annum.

B.Des in Interior Design

One of the most lucrative specializations, interior design helps students in learning the art of creating functional spaces in a building.

Some of the topics that students get to explore during their B. Des in Interior Design are as follows:

  • Elements of Design
  • Space planning
  • Project management
  • Basic Photography
  • Interior Construction
  • Cost Estimation

Other than these, students are also given a chance to do internships to get a clear idea of how things really work in the industry.

Upon the completion of the course, students can get interesting opportunities in private and government companies. They can also start their own venture and become an entrepreneur.

B.Des in Fashion Design

This is one of the most popular and sought-after B. Des courses that youngsters love to pursue. From garments and jewelry to footwear and accessories, students get to learn it all during their B. Des in Fashion Design.

Here are some of the subjects that the course covers:

  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Elements of Textiles
  • Leather Designing
  • Manufacturing Technologies
  • Fashion Illustration and Design
  • Fabric Dyeing and Printing

Other than that, the course also helps students in understanding market trends and how to propel their skills.

As far as job opportunities are concerned, graduates can get a job in various fashion related industry.

Entrepreneurship is another lucrative option after B. Des in Fashion design.

B.Des in Industrial Design

Students who wish to make a career as product designers or art directors should pursue B. Des in Industrial Design.

The course concentrates on the conceptualization of design and trains students in executing the idea of a given product which can be anything — from a phone to furniture.

Here are some of the concepts that students need to study during their four-year undergraduate program:

  • Sketching and Drawing
  • Product Analysis and Function Design
  • Introduction to Photography
  • Product Rendering and Illustration
  • Computer Aided Industrial Design
  • Design Management

Coming back to career opportunities, there are a plethora of jobs available of industrial design graduates in fields ranging from architecture, digital media, publishing, and even interior designing.

Freshers can expect a pay scale of up to 5 lakhs per annum.

B.Des in Game Design

Last but the most interesting one in the list is B. Des in Game Design. The course aims to teach the students each and every nuance of the gaming world and encourage them to create stories to later convert them into games.

Some of the topics that the course covers are as follows:

  • Engineering Graphics
  • Sketching & Drawing
  • Principles of Game Design
  • Visual composition
  • UI UX Design
  • Cinematics
  • Game Architecture

Upon successful completing of the course, students can apply for jobs in the gaming industry and get lucrative packages.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right B. Des specialization is no doubt a tough task. Thus, take your time and get as much informatin as you can about BDes courses. Once you have decided your specialization, prepare for the entrance tests that top colleges conduct for admitting students.

Renowned colleges and universities like UPES will not only ensure that you get world-class training but also get placed in top firms of the industry. So start your preparation early and secure your seat in the best colleges.

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