Fashion Designing Degree – A Step to a Promising Career

If there is one industry where you need to evolve everyday then it is fashion world. Creativity must be oozing out of your mind all the time, which makes this field very challenging. Getting inspired from the fashion shows and magazines will not work, until and unless you get enrolled in a fashion designing institute. And finally, when you get a degree from a reputed fashion designing college, opportunities are vast with a very good pay. Though it is fact that to make an individual recognition in the fashion world takes time, but there are number of profiles you can opt for.

fashion designing


Here are some of the posts you can work with your degree.

  • Fashion Designer

Of course, this will always be your target after you have earned degree in fashion designing courses from Ahmedabad. Your job will be to create new products with new designs and styles. You have to understand the current trends and designs to please the existing market.

  • Fashion Coordinator

If you decide to be a part of the coordinating team, you will not be designing anything. The job will be to develop and arrange marketing policies. Fashion coordinator will be supervising activities of fashion industries like organizing fashion shows, planning advertising methodologies of latest fashion products.

  • Fashion Stylist

This job profile gives you the right to maintain the look and beauty fashion shows or any promotional events. As a stylist, you will be responsible to look after things like dress, make-ups, light and other elements that complete the show.

  • Fashion Illustrator

If you love to sketch new ideas and create new designs, then fashion illustrator job is just for you. This job profile allows designers to be creative. You need to make sketches of ideas that designers explain and put it into shape.

So how should be your CV?

Your fashion designing career can only be possible, if you have a designing degree from a good institute that offers updated courses to the students with career growth opportunities. Apart from that you learn skills like…

  • Technical drawing
  • Techniques of cutting and draping
  • Methods of sewing and tailoring
  • Techniques of illustration
  • Digital technology in fashion

These skills will be added in your CV and at the same time, you learn about consumer lifestyle, fashion trends, market and so on. Added to these skills, you even develop visual and oral communication, which helps you to be a good team player.

Prospect in India

As far as the fashion industry in India is concerned, it is gradually evolving. People are very conscious about brand but when compared to the west, the intensity is still low. But there are still lot of opportunities for talented hard working and enthusiastic designers. In order to prosper here, you need to conglomerate ideas from west, not forgetting the traditional touch.

Once you have completed the coursework in designing, it is not necessary to join any fashion house because you can be a self employed as well. Indian fashion is gaining lot of popularity abroad, so there is always a chance to flourish and expand in market that is still untouched.

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