Quick Beauty Tips For Everyday Glowing Skin!

Quick Beauty Tips For Everyday Glowing Skin!

Raiding all over the place to get your hands on some serious at-home skin game that upshot a flawless and glowing skin? You’ve stumbled upon to the right place. Check out these quick beauty tips and homemade remedies — which we think following the ethos of harmless and healthy beauty tips – no strong chemicals, easily available ingredients, simple-and-quick to find ingredients and more natural skin care products.

#1 Moisturize 

Soft skin and keeping it supple is constantly on your mind? Then moisturize your skin, because this tip has an odds-on-favorite chance in giving you a beautiful skin. Apply a good moisturizer twice a day after washing your face. Check out the best moisturizer that suits your face at India’s leading online beauty store – Nykaa. For natural ingredients and health care products, you can always count on Healthkart because they bring to you the best of the best products at affordable prices. Check out Healthkart promo code discounts available at GrabOn.

#2 Exfoliate 

Wish to slough those dead skin cells from your face and unleash that gleaming skin? Exfoliate your skin with the right cream twice a week. For oily or acne-prone skin, you may consider using the following products as scrubs to exfoliate your skin:

Lemon juice and salt scrub

Almonds and honey face scrub

#3 Facial massage 

Facial massage is no less to face masks. Facial massages help in making your skin oil free, glowing and acquiring a beautiful skin. Do facial massage a couple of times a week to help skin look its best. It helps in increasing blood circulation. These are some of the natural ingredients you may consider to give yourself a great natural facial massage:

Orange facial massage

Lemon & tomato mix

Potato facial massage

Use Kiwi as a cleanser


#4 Rejuvenate skin 

Curb dullness of the skin, aging and marks by using the right SPF every day. Clean your face with cold water, or splash cold water on your face every day morning so as to get a healthy looking skin. Usage of SPF will also help in preventing future wrinkles, dullness of skin.

#5 DIY tips

At-home facial mask: Mix half mashed papaya, 1 TBSP of honey and 2 TBSP of milk for a simple yet effective face mask that will for sure helps in regaining soft and nourishing skin

To get instant brightness, mix 1 TBSP of honey in 1 egg white. Allow this mix to stay on your face for 15 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.

Mix 1 TBSP sugar to 1/2 TBSP honey and 2 drops of lemon juice for a DIY exfoliator.

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