Treatise on Education

It is a tragedy that inspite of the ample advances that mankind has made in various fields, education today is not nurturing outstanding individuals and personalities. It is not sad and unfortunate to think that the largest democracy in the world has the largest no of people who cannot read and write even after years of independence?


The USA has emerged s the world super power. It has the greatest contempt for the UNO and world opinion. Emerging, as the epitome of what is wrong with the world today, the USA is humbled by a band of anarchists. Over-production of things not really needed, over-consumption of resources, over-emphasis on material welfare and contempt and over-neglect to the spiritual values of mankind has made the USA the embodiment of progress and power.

Today, every nation apes the USA. We teach our students to be resourceful and competitive. Our education system is producing fiercely competitive and ruthlessly efficient functionaries of the society- doctors, engineers, accountants, lawyers and so on bereft of the noble human values; whose acid test of success is the amount of power they can wield and the amount of riches they can amass in the shortest possible time, unmindful of the means and methods and the enormous damage it can cause to the social fabric of our disparate society.

We teach our students to be insensitive and in different to the socio-economic environment, in which they live and breathe, to be in conflict with nature and its creations and to conquer and control it rather than live with it in harmony and peace.

No system of education that ignores the spiritual formation of students can survive the test of time. The young generation must be trained how to think and feel and to be compassionate with the fellow beings. Knowledge and information should be aimed at serving and improving the society. Intellectual acumen must be complimented by moral passion. It is deplorable that today the educated class is marked by self-aggrandisement and the reluctance to take an objective stand on common causes.

Are we concerned about the human being in our children? While we are greatly concerned about how fast and well they can solve mathematical problems, recite poetry and acquire the latest in general knowledge and information technology shouldn’t we think of what kind of people our children are becoming? We no longer care about wisdom and talk only of knowledge.

The word is at turning point at this time. No miracle can save the world today from the catastrophe that is looming large in the horizon. Unparallel concept of cosmopolitanism should be eradicated at the earliest. Man lives in an era of greedy, anxiety and sheer materialistic confusion.

There is no asylum on the shores of time, which the waves will not wash away; no passage way here, which the foot of frustration will not trampled; no paradise here which distress will not invade and, no society can forever suffer spiritual stimulation and starvation.

Education should recognize the dignity and equality of all, irrespective of discrimination whatsoever. Aiming at the holistic development of the man should be the ultimate aim of education.

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