The Spectacular Islands Of Madagascar

Madagascar is officially called as Republic of Madagascar is the island country that is present in Indian Ocean in coast of Southeast Africa. There are many smaller peripheral islands present in the Madagascar and it is fourth largest island present in the world. There is a heavy prehistoric breakup in the Gondwana supercontinent and Madagascar is split with the Indian peninsula for more than 88 million years ago. Madagascar is the most important biodiversity hotspot with the wildlife of 90% found on Earth. The ecosystem of the island is diverse with the growing human population. Some of the most famous islands of Madagascar are listed here:

Glorioso Islands:

The Glorioso Islands or Glorieuses Islands are French islands that have 5 square kilometers in northern Mozambique channel and it is about 160 kilometres in northwest of Madagascar. The Glorieuses also have the Exclusive Economic Zone with the 48,350 square kilometers. The island has the anchorages offshore with the long airstrip. The archipelago has two islands called Grande Glorieuse and Île du Lys. The islands are thickly vegetated that have the main coconut plantation as well as casuarina trees.

Glorioso Islands image

Juan de Nova Island:

Juan de Nova Island is also called as Saint-Christophe which is the 4.4 square kilometers. The tropical island will be low and flat narrowest part in Mozambique Channel and it is the one third of place located in between the Mozambique and Madagascar. The island is scattered will many different parts in the French Sout hern, Antarctic Lands and Indian Ocean. Exclusive Economic Zone is also claimed by the islands of Madagascar. Booking the Oyo rooms coupons will be efficient for getting a luxurious accommodation. The Important Bird Area is one of the best specialty for the island making the most preferable for Bird Life International. There is a wide sooty terns colony breeding in pairs. There are more than seven land birds species found in this beautiful island.

Juan de Nova Island pics

Nosy Mangabe:

Nosy Mangabe is one of the small island located in Antongil Bay in the 2 km offshore for town of Maroantsetra present in the eastern Madagascar. The island is most accessible with the majority if the parts also for getting the larger Masoala National Park complex. Nosy Mangabe is the tropical rainforest that has the wide sanctuary and preserve with the endangered species. Nosy Mangabe also lies close to the nocturnal aye-aye making the people to get more ideas about the wildlife and other species of animals.

Nosy Mangabe picture

Nosy Hara:

Nosy Hara is one of the uninhabited island that is present in the uninhabited island northern west coast of Madagascar. The island is quite famous for the Brookesia micra habitat and smallest known chameleon is also present here in this beautiful region.

Barren Isles:

The Barren Isles is none of the archipelago that is located in the spanning area of 40 km in west coast of Madagascar that is present in the region of Melaky. There are more than 9 main isles banks that inspires many people who come here with the spectacular view of the banks in the white sand.

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