5 Ways You Can Find a Job that You Love

I have often come across people who complain about their job and what they would do to get a job they love. At first it looks like that the concept of a ‘job that I love’ is only a fictional part of the professional world.

To a majority of the working professionals, the experience of their working life feels to be coming right out of a dystopian novel. The daily monotonous 9-to-5 job saps their source of inspiration and they find themselves stuck in the hamster wheel.

Job satisfaction is something that is not easy to come by, if you consider the average professional who are in the job for more than two years. Is doing a job you love really important? Would you leave your current job which pays your bill and helps you to lead a good life, and take a risk by doing something you love but that doesn’t pay well?

But if you look it at this way, you will be working nine hours a day, 40 hours a week, which is more than 70,000 hours in your lifetime in a job that you never loved. And this speaks volumes of time being wasted (more than 25% of your life).

So, it is a good reason for you to get a job that you love. But to find one needs a lot of perseverance and patience. Here are a few tips that will help you to find a job that you love.

1.       Know about your job preference

The first step to getting a job you love is to understand which job is perfect for you. Most of the times, I have seen people taking jobs just because of the money that is present in that field of work or there is respect. After two to three years they realise that they are stuck in the wrong job and it had been a great mistake to join without thinking.

There are a lot of personality tests that will help you to determine what kind of career course suits you; in short, where you will be happy and successful at the same time. If you know better about yourself it makes it easier to get towards your job satisfaction. You will find yourself adjusted with a job that matches your level of skills and knowledge.

  • 2.       Look before you leap

Sometimes it is not the job that is the reason for your ‘job satisfaction’. It also depends on the company you will be working. Every company has its core values and working style that you need to be accustomed with. Though you might get a position that matches with your passion and skills, you will feel that the company is not offering you with the exposure and environment that makes you comfortable.

Before joining a company, full-time or internship, do an informational check to know more about the company. You can talk with a friends or common connection who is working there and get a clear picture about the company and their way of working. Learn if they provide the right environment for personal growth.

  • 3.       Create a strong network of like-minded professionals

Knowing the career you will be satisfied with is easy, but it is not easy to actually find an opportunity. In such cases, having a strong network of people working in that field will be your greatest asset and assist you in getting any opportunity related to that field.

There are various groups in social media networks which will help you to learn about news related to your choice of career. LinkedIn is one such network which will help you to get in touch with people who can help you to find any job opportunity in the field you are looking. You can contact such people, but remember not to be pushy. Go to meetups where you will find like-minded professionals and get the exposure you need. You can use popular websites like meetup.com.

Referrals are the best way to get an opportunity for job interviews in any organisation. If your network can provide you with referrals, it will be of great help to you move forward to reach your dream job.

  • 4.       Be brave and quit the job that is not working

If you ever find yourself in a position that you are unsatisfied, you should step away from it. No doubt there is fear of not knowing what will happen in the future, but wasting your time is not going to help you. You must be brave enough to venture out of that zone and pursue a career that will define you.

A problem will not be solved by complaining, “I can’t get no satisfaction”. Take a step ahead in your career and find the way out of the rut. Take a leap of faith and into the hands of destiny, for you know that you are going to get depressed in the current job. And depression is a hugely negative feeling.

  • 5.       Start applying and prepare for the job

Well, you won’t get a job you love by doing nothing. You have to start searching for such opportunities and apply. There are a lot of job sites that offers such job opportunities. Try your luck there.

Most important of all, get your skills updated and prepare for interviews. If you are looking to change your profile, you will have to be perfect in that field. Loving a job does not necessarily mean that you have all the skills required for it. Also, remember to modify your resume according to the profile you are looking for.

A New Start

When your passions meet the perfect job opportunity, you will feel refreshed and know that there is nothing holding you back. Success will be on your footsteps. Always do what you love and love what you do.

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Hasib is a professional writer working with the job portal –naukri.com and often writes articles related to career and education. He is an avid reader and lives for two things – football and food. If he is not involved in any of those,you can find him contemplating existential issues. Follow him @ twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

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