How to Remove Errors from Computer

A common problem in window XP is “Don’t send” error. This error occurs when we install some unauthorized software or using internet connection. In this error a dialogue box display on the window screen that ask to send error report to Microsoft. Usually people click on don’t send button and the program close automatically.

Window Error Massage

Window Error Massage

But you have a solution for this problem now and the dialogue box will not show on your window screen again, you just need to follow these simple steps:

1.    Go to My computer and click at Properties option in it.
2.    System properties screen will display on your window screen.
3.    Now click on advance tab button.
4.    Then click on last button error reporting.
5.    And finally click on Disable Error Reporting button you can also check on “But notify me when critical errors occurs” and click OK to close the window and again click OK to close system properties screen.

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