3 App Marketing Trends to Go Mainstream in 2016

In today’s time, both Apple and Google Play store together feature more than 2 million apps; this number is growing exponentially every year. About 500-3000 apps are launched into the app stores every day. If you want to acquire a large number of loyal users for your app, strategic app marketing is a necessity.

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Creative app marketing helps you make your app stand out and earn success in terms of popularity, user acquisition and revenue generation.  While it is just a beginning of 2020, I thought it’s perfect time to some most promising app marketing practices that are anticipated to dominate in the current year.

Without further ado, let’s get a glimpse into the some latest app marketing trends.

The age of highly personalized advertising

App marketers are harnessing the power of users’ generated data for many benefits; it can help target new users to install app and also can stimulate users to shop for product/service. In 2020, it is anticipated that app marketers will go one step ahead to leverage user data building a highly personalized marketing campaign for their client.

If your app seeks your permission to trace your real-time location via GPS during sing up process, the geological information can be later used by the app marketing professional for business advantage.

Let’s take an example to better understand this. Say you have a fashion clothing app installed on your Smartphone and you have recently added one item to your wish list or cart but haven’t processed payment yet. Now when the seller comes to know that you are nearby to their brick-mortar store, they can push notification to your mobile instantly to attract you to visit their store and complete the purchase.

In short, businesses can now trace users’ likes, interests, study behavior pattern and even tap into their location updates to further personalize advertising for the optimal performance.

More emphasize on post-download performance

In last two years, many app businesses realize that obtaining installs doesn’t make them win the battle. The users can uninstall your app anytime if your app fails to provide them superior user experience. Thus, app marketers these days focus more on post-download performance metrics of the app to ensure they can build loyal customer-base for their app. There can be various ways to keep users hooked up to your app based service; timely upgrade, update, discounts and knowledge sharing may help.

Video ads is the latest bandwagon

Video and animated ads can ensure higher engagement level to your target customers. The more interactive your app is, the better you can engage with the users. You can create video to effectively display what your app is all about, what features it has on offer, how it can be used and why users should install it while there are hundreds of others in the market out there.

For example, if you have built a mobile game, creating a demo video for users will give them better idea on how to play the game instead of merely sharing the screenshots of the app. Many renowned app brands have already started out with video advertising campaigns to tap high quality customers. We are already watching many apps’ doing advertisement on TV. In fact, big brand apps’ are also resorted to famous celebrities to endorse their brand on the TV.

Adapting to these new app marketing strategies can help you be on top of the game in 2020!

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