How to Control Heavy Hair Fall

Have you ever thought why we suffer from hair fall even if we care for them a lot? There are many other hidden reasons behind the same, not only for women but in some or the other way, men also suffer from this problem.

Reasons Behind Heavy Hair Fall

With the usage of hair products like gels, colors, conditioners, sprays, etc the hair life decreases ,which can cause stopping of the hair growth .Ill treating the hair by not combing it properly, changing hair partings frequently, using straighteners, curlers regularly are also some of the reasons for heavy hair falls.

Reasons Behind Heavy Hair Fall

Other reasons include hormonal changes in one’s body like anemia, Protein deficiency, medications, thyroid, and most important of all is stress. Let’s come up on each one by one. Anemia is caused due to low hemoglobin in one’s body which means low amount of blood in body causing less amount of oxygen in the body, resultant is hair fall.

Protein deficiency is the root cause of hair fall, when we do not intake sufficient amount of Protein rich food like Pulses, eggs, etc. then the problem starts causing hair breakage.

Intake of medicines on regular basis also results in hair fall. Anyone who suffers from the disease like Cancer does take Chemotherapy, which results in hair fall also. Hyperthyroidism if not treated well in time could cause several deficiencies and one which could lead to excess hair fall.

Above them all is a Stress, when one suffers from this kind of problem, then many other problems it come up with. Stress is something which is controlled by anyone with his/her mind only. If one is stress free then problem would not occur and would not even give a birth to any other problem also.

If we come up with something that can be treated as an alternative to the hair loss, then hair extensions usages could be the best options in the nowadays. Hair extension is available easily and we can use them according to our type easily. They can be curled, straightened, waved , shortened easily according to anybody’s interest and type. They also comes in various variety or textures, colors , lengths and types. If a hair extension is anybody’s choice then one can go for it.

They are easily available with any whole seller, retailer, beauty parlors, salons, etc in various variety and types. So, it is in the same way that if any things comes with hair falls, hair losses, hair extensions could be taken as a positive aspect available nowadays.

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