Four Types of Jewelry You Should Buy at Online Auctions

The life of a jewelry lover is so much fun- no matter what your jewelry preferences and budget are there is so much you can wear. But buying jewelry, especially if you’re into gold and precious gems, can be somewhat of a hassle. You have to choose designs, find the best prices, determine authenticity and do so much more. With London Gallery Auctions, you can buy exquisite designs at great prices from the comfort of your home. To find out more on how to order jewelry and what kind of pieces we specialize in, read on.

Our auctions feature a wide range of jewelry designs, but there are some that we (and our clients) love the most.

Cocktail Rings

We are huge fans of cocktail rings, and so our most jewelry fans, because they are such a great way to make a statement. With a cocktail ring, you can wear a simple dress and minimal jewelry and still look great. Almost all of our auctions feature multiple cocktail rings you can choose from. Head to our upcoming auctions page to find what cocktail rings we will be auctioning this month.

Diamond Jewelry

We love all kinds of gems and stones, but diamonds are definitely our best friends. From huge statement necklaces to delicate earrings, we have it all when it comes to diamonds. What you will like best depends on your taste, what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. At our luxury auction on March 1, we are auctioning a sparkling Diamond Star Pendant and Lace Link Chain Necklace Set bids for which start at $300. We have a variety of diamond pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings, and bids start at great prices for all.

Vintage/Vintage-style Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is jewelry that was crafted twenty or more years ago. What we love best about vintage jewelry is that buying a vintage item means you are getting the best possible as far as quality is concerned. For a piece to survive over twenty years, it has to be well built. Not only is vintage jewelry a great investment, but it’s also an item that is likely to last a very long time so be careful when choosing what you’re going to buy.

Engagement Rings

A proposal is never complete without a ring and that is why we love auctioning engagement rings that signify your love for your better half.

Our pick for a must have engagement ring this season is an enchanting Radiant Diamond Two Tone Gold Engagement Ring that is set to go live on auction on 1st March 2020. This gorgeous ring features a radiant shaped diamond surrounded by forty-five round brilliant cut diamond sides- we just can’t take our eyes off it and neither will you be able to.

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