Open Source Technology Trend in 2016

When it comes to modern computing, Open source technologies will play a pivotal role in 2020, in IT infrastructure and in application development, to be specific. Open source software will be in software portfolios mission within 99% of 1000 enterprises round the globe. So it is very important to balance both reward and the risk.

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GitHub-Centre of the Universe- Software development has been changed by GitHub, by answering a simple question: Why code it yourself if someone else has already done it and is willing to share under a liberal open source license? Something close to whatever you need, you can fid on GitHub. GitHub hosts 27 million projects. This is the world’s top most versioning and code repository system, which is offered as a cloud service. One can find most of the high profile open source projects on GitHub. The business model of GitHub is its USP.

Open Source and the Cloud Factor:

For open source applications, the cloud has evolved as the best chosen platform because most of the IT departments avoid installing and maintaining applications locally whenever it is possible to. Well. This trend is not limited to just the small app developers, but even Microsoft Office 365 is offering semi-cloud including its chief rival Google Apps. Linux is also all set in evolving to support an environment in which “computer” is not just a single descrete server but also a complex of connected systems.

Even Tech Giants are backing on Open Source:

Gone are the days when only small businesses and application development companies contributed to open source. In current scenario, the huge open source contributors are also big internet companies. Popular examples include-MapReduce from Google and Hadoop from Yahoo. Domains like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, eBay, LinkedIn and various other renowned techie giants have each initiated dozens of open source projects. Google developed AngularJS, most popular JavaScript framework to the Linux Kernel, ehich became Docker eventually.

For Technology development, Open source is ground zero- For startups, open source have come up as the preferred way for developing hot new technology. Most deserving examples of this are NoSQL and NewSQL databases, Docker and Hadoop.

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