Explore the 6 Great Features of Airtel HD DTH New Connection

dth hd new connectionIn India, television is a very important part of everyday life. From cricket matches that are telecasted live to the daily soaps that are followed by entire households and even movies have a great viewership. Despite the fact that India is a price-sensitive market, people are willing to spend big bucks for this medium of entertainment and DTH makes the biggest part of the business today. Airtel, which is one of the most popular choices for DTH connections throughout India, has come up with some very exciting offers for the Airtel HD DTH new connection.

Airtel is one of the leading telecommunications companies in India that started its DTH business in the year 2008. In this field, Airtel DTH is well known for its strong customer focus and integration of technological advancements in its services. To this day it has been a pioneer in launching a variety of features and cutting edge products that have elevated the viewing experience of its customers steadily. Today Airtel Digital TV connection is highly popular and comes with a host of features.

Here are six irresistible features of Airtel HD DTH connection that make it a real winner:

1. A full HD viewing experience – The Airtel HD box is fully equipped to provide the customer High Definition or HD content consistently. This is especially beneficial to the customers who have an HD television set with 720p or 1080p definition. It also works with the Standard Definition or SD channels improving their display quality substantially.

2. Surround Sound – These days it is not uncommon for the DTH customers to connect external speakers to their televisions in order to enjoy movies with rich sound. The Dolby Digital Plus technology used in the Airtel HD box makes the sound effects come out nicer and full of depth.

3. Interactive Services and Games – Every Airtel DTH new connection comes with a host of benefits for the customers and the Airtel HD DTH is no exception. The box is fully equipped with casual games and interactive services to entertain the whole family.

4. Control over content – With the Airtel HD connection, the customer can view their favorite movies, sports and sitcoms without any interruptions. Thanks to the recording technology integrated with the Airtel HD box, they can simply record the program of choice and view it at their leisure time.

5. Pause and Play – The Airtel HD TV comes with option to move the content on TV according to the wishes of the customer with the rewind, pause and forward options.

6. One remote for everything – With the Airtel DTH connection the customer gets the remote control which can also be synced with their television set. This means that the customers can control the television set with the same remote as the Airtel DTH HD box.

If this is not all, every Airtel TV new connection also comes with a host of entertainment options in form of regional to international channels that the customer can subscribe anytime. With the many benefits the Airtel HD box is a fast favorite of the customers and provides unmatched service.

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