Explore These Top 5 Tools for Broadband Speed Test

Internet Service Providers make the claim of high-speed internet, uninterrupted browsing to attract customers, but when it comes to usage they are proved wrong with the difference in the speeds they advertised and the one you are getting. As we have inspection departments in various necessary fields, likewise we do have the same when it comes to testing the internet broadband connection speed.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in the numbers that your Internet service provider has given you regarding the broadband speed, but thankfully to satisfy your feelings some helpful internet apps and websites are there to help you. This Speed tool proves or disproves their claims by displaying the actual bandwidth they are providing.

Explore These Top 5 Tools for Broadband Speed Test

Here in this article, we will discuss the top 5 tools for broadband speed test.


Speedtest by Ookla is one of the big names in the industry, one of the prominent and acknowledged way to test the broadband speed and performance, around 10 million tests are initiated by its users. This site uses over 2500 servers to provide test results.

You can begin testing by selecting a server- Speedtest suggests you the server suitable to your location- then the “Begin Test” button will do the whole thing.

In its results, Speedtest by Ookla found Airtel as one of the fastest, high-speed internet connection. Speedtest is one of the reliable speed testing platform and it comes with internet apps for iOS, Android, Macbook, Windows and Chrome too.


Since 2001, this has benchmarked the performance of millions of ISPs. Its accurate results have made it one of the reliable options in the market. With the options to test the upload and download speed or both, it also allows you to see how other networks are doing in your area too. Additionally, TestMy diagnoses your browsers and operating system issues.

Bandwidth Place

This 15-year-old Mascot based on HTML5 provides easy to use interface to its users with bandwidth test results. On this site, users get several servers to choose from and also this site comes up with broadband news and useful blog posts too.

Internet Health Test

Internet Health Test is a prominent tool to check your broadband speed. One of the easiest test conducting website, when you go to the website, a pop up appears to ask whether to begin the test. It works on a five-step process. It may be not as fast as others but it is ad-free.


Speed.io is a DSL Test to analyze your broadband connection speed. This measures your current speed with the nearest available server. This test analyzes your upload, download as well as ping (response time between your computer and internet connection).

This test works over HTTP(TCP) apart from this, it does not require any software.

By going on the Speed.io website and pressing the start button the link lets you connect to the nearest server and measures your broadband connection speed.

These above mentioned are the top 5 tools for checking the broadband speed test and helps you in choosing the best broadband connection.

Airtel comes up with the claimed speed as it does not compromise with the broadband speed as checked in various test results conducted by these all tools.

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